It’s been a rough few years for Simon Cowell, and they changed his life

Simon Cowell’s health has suffered as a consequence of two different bicycle accidents that took place over two years.

During a recent interview on the Today Show, Simon and the other America’s Got Talent judges freely admitted these incidents. Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, and Terry Crews hosted the show.

Despite falling from his e-bike in Malibu in 2020, the 63-year-old star met the same end when pedaling around London in early 2022.

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“I’m not giving up on my bike,” he screamed, much to the amusement of his fellow players. I just can’t get enough of these incredible innovations.

Simon was rushed to the hospital after the second incident, when he was discovered to have a fractured arm and a concussion.

In a promotional piece for the upcoming 18th season of America’s Got Talent, Simon was asked about how these losses have impacted his view on life.

While asked how he felt physically before to the catastrophes, he responded, “wasn’t in the best shape before the incidents, so they were far from terrific, rather quite terrible.” I didn’t realize how unfit I was until the mending process.

“It was a revelation, a true god’s moment!” he said. Simon saw his continuous enthusiasm for riding and expressed his belief that everything happens for a purpose.

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Although the second incident was not as severe as the first, it nevertheless resulted in his fracturing his back and requiring him to wear a wrist brace for several months. Following these episodes, Simon altered his lifestyle, mostly for the benefit of his nine-year-old son Eric. Lauren Silverman, Simon’s fiancée, provided as inspiration.

He described dealing with the aftermath from his e-bike accident in an interview with The Sun in April of last year.

He went on to say, “I was in such an awful state when I broke my back that I contemplated going to therapy for the first time in my life.”

I was unhappy since I couldn’t explain my feelings to Eric. I wondered when I’d be able to continue activities with him, such as football and walks.

Eric was born on February 14, 2014 to Simon and Lauren. Following his bike crashes, the TV personality said that his youngster had given him a hilarious new moniker.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge said to Entertainment Tonight that he felt “embarrassed” after watching the episodes at home.

Simon’s back is kept together by metal rods and screws following surgery, but he found solace in the fact that his child compared him to the well-known superhero Iron Man.

“When I reunited with my family,” Simon recounted proudly, “Eric said, ‘Dad, you look like Iron Man.'” “Yeah, I’m like Iron Man,” I chuckled.Wikimedia Commons is the source of the image.

Simon has laughed about his struggles since then, even downplaying the more serious first wounds he sustained while working on the AGT stage in June 2021.

Terry, being an inquisitive one, asked Simon if he could ever picture himself executing such perilous gymnastics during a display of a kid-friendly Shaolin Kung Fu show.

“After hurting my back, I finally reached the point where I would walk around the garden with Eric, believing it was a fantastic accomplishment,” Simon laughed back to the duo. However, I couldn’t stop myself from doing it without thinking to myself, “Maybe not such a great idea!”

Simon’s road of fortitude and contemplation demonstrates the unshakeable tenacity that drives him forward.

Despite the problems imposed by the bicycle accidents, he maintains his enthusiasm for cycling and life in general, while finding comedy in his misfortunes.

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