Joy Behar waited 29 years to marry a retired school teacher who was seven years younger than her.

Joy Behar, who had divorced her first husband, reconnected with love.
She “waited” 29 years to be married with her present hubby.
Behar’s significant other is a few years her junior.

Joy Behar is a mother, grandma, and the daughter of two previous marriages. The TV personality was in a relationship with the man for several years before to being married, and they are now married. He is several years younger than her.

Behar joined “The View” as one of the initial panelists in 1997 and has been a co-host of the daytime talk program for a long time. But in previous years, she had a brief absence from the performance.

The comic was fired in 2013, but she came back the following year. Later, Behar talked about getting fired from the adored ABC series once, saying:

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The TV personality said that neither they nor the network knew why she had been dismissed at the time, nor why she had been taken off the air for two years. That was naive of them. However, they took the lesson to heart,” the actress said.

Since then, Behar has persisted in gracing the screens of the most popular daytime program, and she stated in an interview conducted in October 2022 that she has no plans to leave the show.

The New Yorker went on to say that she had agreed to a contract extension and would be a regular contributor to “The View” for a while. “I don’t intend to retire,” she declared.

In October 2023, the redhead celebrated her 81st birthday on “The View.” It appears, though, that she dislikes making a huge production out of her special day.

Co-host Ana Navarro said that she is aware that Behar dislikes discussing her birthday throughout the show, and Sunny Hostin remarked that she didn’t appear thrilled. Behar interjected, stating:

“Excitement escapes me. Just that I’m alive, that’s all. You know, there comes a time when you wake up in the morning and tell yourself, “My God, I’m still here.”

Two months before reaching her milestone birthday, Behar had celebrated her wedding anniversary with her second husband. The Hollywood actress is wed to Steve Janowitz, a former educator.

The pair wed in August 2011 after dating for over three decades. Janowitz and Behar dressed in matching ensembles on their special day. She wore a short-sleeved black dress, and he wore a black suit with a white shirt beneath and a bow tie.

September was Behar’s first appearance on “ABC News” after her marriage. When asked if she felt like a bride during the interview, the “Love Is All There Is” actress joked, saying:

Joy Behar and Steve Janowitz (Photo by Ron Galella/Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images)

Do I appear to you to be a brushing bride? It has been two decades.

When asked if she thought she was still in her honeymoon phase, Behar said negatively. After dating for a long time, the Hollywood actress believed that marrying her true love was all that was required of her.

It was also requested of the TV personality to divulge the key to a long-term relationship. She claims that since neither of the two is sensitive, they don’t take offense at any comments made about them when they are together.

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Behar went on to say that Janowitz had a strong sense of humor, and that the first year of their relationship, she didn’t tell him she was a comic to prevent frightening him away. She mentioned that the way they perceive each other is equally important. A year after her wedding, Behar was asked in another interview why she and Janowitz waited so long to marry. She stated,

“We waited a long time because I had been married before, and I did not actually see the point.”

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The “Hall Pass” actress teased, “We did it for the sex,” but then candidly said that it was because, as she gets older, she needs someone who will support her “emotionally and legally” in the event of an emergency.

As of October 2021, Janowitz is seven years younger than his well-known spouse, Behar, as she disclosed on a “The View” episode. “It’s really paying off at this point,” she continued. After 12 years of marriage, the pair is together.

Behar is not just a wife but a mother as well. She received their only child together, daughter Eve Behar, in November 1970 with her ex-husband, television director Joseph Behar, with whom she was married from 1965 until 1981.

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At an appearance on “Anderson Live” in November 2011, the single mother—who is also now a grandmother—proudly displayed her daughter beside her husband, Alphonso Scotti, and their son, Luca.

Behar was enthralled by her eight-month-old grandson, calling him “brilliant” and verbal even at that young age.

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