Loving Genderless Fashion: Meet Mark Bryan

The 61-year-old German engineer Mark Bryan is a real example of the adage “age is just a number.” With his bold everyday wear of skirts and high heels, Mark is defying social conventions and shattering gender preconceptions.

Although high heels were first created in the tenth century to give men more height and flair, they are now primarily connected with women. But contemporary men like Mark are taking back these stylish shoes and shattering gender stereotypes.

Mark’s distinctive style choices have attracted a sizable following on Instagram, where his daring ensembles and inspirational words have captured the attention of approximately 660,000 followers. He wears skirts, boots, and pumps, all of which he accessorizes with his sayings. Mark supports the notion that there should be no gender restrictions on clothing, urging everyone to embrace their unique sense of style.

Mark tells us that he appreciates the adaptability that skirts provide over dresses. He can nevertheless show off his uniqueness by dressing in skirts and matching them with more stereotypically “masculine” clothes. He feels that males should be able to express their individuality through wardrobe choices without being constrained by social conventions.

Mark is lucky to have his family’s support. Raised with empathy and an open mind, his kids totally accept their father’s style choices. His daughter looks forward to the day when she can borrow some of his unusual wardrobe pieces. Even Mark’s wife actively assists him in choosing clothes and is a source of encouragement.

Naturally, not everybody shares this acceptance. Mark has encountered criticism in person and online. He reminds people that their criticism is a result of cultural conventions and expectations, yet he never gives up. By asking, “Would these same comments and questions be raised if he were wearing more traditionally “male” attire?”, he draws attention to the double standards.

Mark’s narrative demonstrates the strength of questioning social rules and expressing oneself. Mark Bryan is a role model for anyone who is willing to go outside the box in a society where it is all too easy to put people in traditional gender stereotypes. Can you, then, see yourself walking in Mark’s shoes? It’s time to embrace genderless style and show off your individuality, just like Mark does. Share your opinions with us!

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