Man wants to leave his wife after discovering her hidden bag in the closet.

When a guy found something his wife had been concealing, he turned to the internet for guidance. She initially tried to act like it wasn’t what he thought of, but in the end she gave in and told him the truth.

Recently, a Reddit user shared a disagreement he was having with his wife on the social media site. The man revealed that his five-year-old wife and he intended to establish a family, thus he wanted to get rid of the moldy garage in his house.

He cleared out his wife’s closet in order to start by checking their entire house. He discovered something as he did this that caused him to doubt his wife and their connection as he knew it.

The man discovered a gym bag full of clothes, dried fruit, sanitary goods, and cash when he was cleaning the closet. The man asked his wife what it was for, confused by what he had discovered.

His wife turned pale and informed him that it was a bag she had brought in case of an earthquake or other calamity. The man questioned his wife about why she had concealed the bag from him if that was its planned function.

After more back-and-forth fighting, the woman told her husband it was time to “go bag.” Women in abusive or dangerous relationships pack a “go bag” with items in it so they can leave the relationship without their spouse knowing until after they’ve left.

The man was perplexed. He replied that he had never yelled at his wife and that their arguments had hardly ever been. The man asked his wife why she thought he would become an abusive person in the future.

The woman made it clear that, although she did not view her husband as an abuser, she had packed up for her own comfort. The man claimed he didn’t think his wife trusted him and that he didn’t believe her.

The man concluded he didn’t want to be with a woman who didn’t trust him or who thought he was abusive after giving the dispute some thought and reflecting on it for a few days.

The man requested a divorce from his wife, stating that it would be best for them both if she didn’t trust him. He felt that trust was “the foundation” of a relationship.

The woman then admitted to her husband that, although not viewing her spouse as violent, she had been reading mom-run groups online and that this had given her the idea to “go bag.”

The man stated he understood his wife’s reasoning but didn’t feel comfortable in the circumstances after she had shown him the boards. He said he believed he should get a divorce so she could find a partner she could trust, but he agreed to give it more thought.

After receiving a lot of attention for his initial post, the man quickly posted an update. The man stated that since he and his wife were unique individuals, statistics should not be applied to their circumstances. Furthermore, he made it clear that his wife had never been in an abusive partnership.

The man added that it was incorrect for people to offer counsel based on their perception of the circumstances because it showed that they were not being impartial. He said that a relationship without trust was not a relationship at all as he concluded the piece.

In response to his post, the man received a lot of comments. Some said he was overreacting by asking for a divorce, while others suggested that if filing for divorce was his first course of action following an argument, then perhaps it was what they needed.

Others remarked that if her spouse responded in such a way to something that offered her comfort, she ought to be pleased to be free of him. A few people even related their own experiences with similar circumstances.

“I find it kind of silly that you’re distilling the entirety of your relationship down to something so simple,” wrote one of the readers. I wouldn’t mind if my fiancee had a go-bag. She has many strange peculiarities that provide her comfort in a variety of situations.

The reader also offered advice, saying, “Since it sounds like you two are terrible communicators, I would try going to marital counseling and see if you can get to the root of the issue.”

Another woman was in an abusive position and was saved by a stranger, but this woman did not view her husband as an abuser.

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