A crowded restaurant’s patrons witnessed their stepdaughter humiliating a server, so the father felt compelled to discipline her.

He felt guilty when his wife unexpectedly took the side of her daughter. In an attempt to find out whether he was wrong for what he done, a man decided to post his experience on Reddit.

It was the first time his blended family had gone out together in a long, so they decided to treat themselves to a gourmet meal.

Everything was going smoothly until one of the waiters brought out a dish in the middle of the meal. The waiter stumbled while delivering the platter.

A portion of the meal spilled onto his stepdaughter Hailey’s clothing when he lost his grip. It was safe to say that her garment was destroyed by the food spill.

Hailey acted disrespectfully toward the waiter.

Hailey was infuriated, but the waiter quickly apologized. She started to spew derogatory remarks at the man, who was obviously upset about what had happened.

If you cannot even see where you are going, why are you a [expletive] waiter? I would have expected you to be more cautious given your already poor pay!

The man writes, “She was shouting, and almost everyone was looking at us now.” Hailey was asked to apologize by him for her remarks, but she refused.

Hailey maintained that the waiter was the one who destroyed her outfit, thus she had nothing to answer for. The dad begged his stepdaughter to apologize several times, but she would not hear him.

The Man Had to Reprimand His Stepdaughter

Deflated, he said that he would not pay for his stepdaughter’s dinner as he could not make her apologize. Hailey started to yell when he ordered her to leave the restaurant.

Hailey was reprimanded by the man’s wife after he left the restaurant. She implied that he was overreacting and that he was being harsh to Hailey.

The man was shocked to learn that his wife was supporting her daughter. He went to Reddit to get feedback from users on whether or not what he did was wrong, and the community did not let him down.

“Your stepdaughter was clearly acting inappropriately in this situation, and your punishment was appropriate. Can’t she even behave herself? She won’t be there after that. One user said, “She punching down on someone who made an honest mistake was absolutely disgraceful.”

Another person said, “If her mother’s response to her terrible behavior was to get upset with OP for correcting her, then something tells me the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

After reading the narrative, a few servers discussed how they would feel in the man’s position. One former server said, “I’ve worked as a server too, and nobody deserves to be treated like crap for what was a genuine accident.”

In order for Hailey to grow from her experience, other Reddit users advised that she get a job in customer service. It would help her comprehend how challenging it was to work in the service sector by placing her in the shoes of the server.

In the end, the father received support from others and praise for his handling of the matter. They believed that his stepdaughter was unsuitable and that her mother had encouraged her bad behavior.

Stepparents may find it challenging to determine their positions regarding their stepchildren at times. While some wives allow their spouses to raise their stepchildren as their own, others may find that their husbands do not value the stepparent enforcing discipline.

In this instance, the guy believed it was only fitting to take action regarding the actions of his stepdaughter. She was, after all, just as much his daughter as the other children in their blended family.

How do you feel about the man’s circumstances? Was what he did wrong, or could his choice be justified?

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