Michael Strahan’s daughter is in extreme pain during chemotherapy for brain cancer.

Michael Strahan’s daughter Isabella recently gave a moving update on her valiant fight against brain cancer.

The 20-year-old detailed her difficult experiences with chemotherapy in an open video posted on her YouTube account with the title “Vlog 8: Recovering from Chemo at Home.”

Isabella spoke bravely about the excruciating physical pain she experiences during therapy, comparing it to a “heart attack.” She talked about her difficulties and the terrible agony she experiences, despite her attempts to reduce it by applying an ice pack to her freshly shaven head. She admitted, “Everything hurts,” describing the pressure on her jaw, mouth, and eyes.

Isabella stated that she would rather have brain surgery or radiation therapy than chemotherapy because of the excruciating pain that the latter causes. She also expressed concerns about possible side effects from the treatment. She worries a lot about her vision, dental health, and general well-being because she is afraid of the unknown.

Isabella was thankful to be home and sleeping on her own bed following her hospital stay, despite the difficulties. Even as she navigates the uncertainty of her medical path, she treasures the comfort of familiar surroundings.

Isabella highlighted the value of having family support throughout trying times by sharing fond memories of her time with her twin sister Sophia Strahan and father Michael Strahan throughout the vlog.

Isabella’s update comes after she and her father made her illness publicly known on Good Morning America. During that segment, Isabella described the symptoms that preceded her diagnosis and the emotional journey that followed.

Isabella has overcome all of the challenges; she finished her most recent round of radiation in January and responded to her diagnosis by preserving her eggs. As Isabella and her family work through this difficult chapter together, our thoughts are with them.

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