Michael wailed all the time, and Kendall was always changing his diaper. He appeared never to sleep more than 10 minutes at a time, and Kendall was very weary.

When a young lady at seventeen finds out she is pregnant, her religious adoptive parents forbid her from staying in the house, but she ultimately finds support in the most unlikely place.

Kendall wailed and covered her face with her hands as her adoptive mother yelled, “Get out!” “You repulsive sinner! You and your defenseless siblings and sisters will not be allowed in this home!”

Kendall shot a beseeching glance at her adoptive father, but he shrugged and looked away. He would never, ever disobey his mother! Kendall was shoved toward the door by her mother. “The fathers’ transgressions! I should have realized that, like your mother, you would be a loose lady!

Before her adoptive father emerged from the home with a backpack, Kendall was crying on the curb in front of the house. “Your sister brought some items for you,” he stated, giving her a tiny bundle of dollar dollars. “I apologize, Kendall. But you’re aware of your mother.

After wiping her tears, Kendall turned to face him. “She’s not my mother,” she sobbed. “Plus, you’re not my father! You assured me that you will always adore me—that’s what true parents do! At that moment, he turned to go, appearing embarrassed, and Kendall grabbed her few belongings and left.

She and the other four Jordan children were reared in the Jordans’ house after she was adopted as a baby. Although the Jordans were decent people, they were zealots for their religion who did not celebrate Christmas or birthdays since it was immoral.

The only activities in Kendall and her siblings’ lives had been church on Sundays and school during the week. As with any adolescent, Kendall had begun to rebel. She wanted to wear makeup and nice clothes to the movies.

She lost all sense of boundaries because she wanted to attend to parties, kiss boys, and fall in love—all of which were prohibited to her. She had become connected with the school’s bad boy, and she became pregnant in a matter of months.

“There will be no more miracles!” she sadly told herself. “No angel of protection to keep an eye on you!” Kendall’s most treasured dream was that she had a guardian angel that kept an eye on her and occasionally sent amazing presents into her life.

Every year on her birthday, she would receive gifts from the school, which she would conceal in her locker and never bring home. She would come home to a bright Christmas stocking stuffed with delicacies she was not allowed to have, and candy canes dangling from the tree outside her window.

Kendall had kept an eye out for her guardian angel, but she was never able to see the enigmatic figure. The time she needed that angel most was when she was pregnant and all alone in the world.

She strolled up to the park nearby and took a seat, balancing her rucksack on her lap. She totaled the cash that she had received from her adoptive father. A little more than $56. Not even for a single night at a seedy motel.

Remember that we always have a guardian angel looking over us, no matter how hopeless and dismal things may seem.
Kendall began to cry once more as she heard a kind voice. “Hey, girl, how could it possibly be that bad? Mother Mila might be able to assist you.

Kendall grinned broadly as she glanced up at the tall woman. She had on a flowery, colorful apron, and he had a bundle of roses in one hand and pruning shears in the other.

“I’m all right. Kendall inhaled sharply.

With a shake of her head, the woman took a seat beside Kendall. She answered, “No, honey, you’re not.” You know you can tell me, though. I hold no judgments.

“So I have no money, no job, nowhere to go, and a baby to take care of,” Kendall remarked, finishing her wretched tale.

Mila told him gently, “I’ll give you a job.” “And you will have to take care of the baby on your own, but I have a small place you can stay at!”

“You’re going to hire me?” Kendall gasped. “Actually”?

Yes, Mila replied. “Although I already have a flower booth here in the park, I’ve been hoping to create another one near the commercial area. We’ll see how it goes when I show you how to arrange flowers.

Kendall had a smile on her face while crying. “I am capable of doing that! I adore floral arrangements.

“All right,” Mila responded. “Come on over and check out the small apartment I can give you.”

It wasn’t too far to the flat. Kendall couldn’t believe her good fortune; it was little but incredibly neat and comfortable. Perhaps, after all, her guardian angel was keeping an eye on her!

The next few months saw a steady improvement in the situation. The flower shop in the commercial center was a big hit, and Mila thought Kendall was great. Mila took her to a doctor, who pronounced her and the baby healthy.

After a span of five months, Kendall gave birth to a handsome child whom she called Michael. Kendall had three months off from work before Mila required her to return, and adjusting to life with a newborn was extremely challenging.

Micahel was in continual tears, and Kendall had to change his diapers all the time. He never appeared to sleep for longer than ten minutes at a time, and Kendall was completely worn out. Subsequently, she awoke one morning to sunlight flooding her bedroom.

She yelled, “Michael!” and hurried to her infant’s small room. With his small fists tucked under his chin, Michael appeared to be a sleeping angel. Kendall was astounded that her son had slept through the entire night without being fed or having his diaper wet!

Subsequently, she observed that his diaper was dry and clean, and the bottle she had set out for his night meal was empty. That’s really strange, she thought to herself. “Did I tend to him and change him while I slept?”

When Kendall woke up in the morning, Michael was dry, fed, and soundly asleep—he had stopped crying that night. “This is becoming incredibly eerie!” Kendall pondered. “Perhaps I’m just strolling about in my sleep. I’m not going to bed tonight!”

At three in the morning, Kendall heard a soft cry and then quiet sounds coming from Michael’s chamber. She had been waiting for even the smallest sound to come from there. Michael’s room contained a person!

Kendall took a quick glance inside. A woman was bending over Michael’s cot, changing his diaper and whispering to him softly. Kendall flicked on the light. She cried out, “Who are you?” “Away from my little one!”

Michael began to scream as the woman let out a gasp. Subsequently, the lady lifted Michael and began calming him down. She whispered quietly, “Hello Kendall.” “My name is Martha Douglas, and I’m your mom.”

Martha related her story to Kendall. Martha, like Kendall, became pregnant at the age of sixteen. Martha said, “My mother wanted me to have an abortion, but I refused.” I had to give you up after she threw me out.

It crushed my heart and was the toughest thing I have ever done. I saw you as much as I could, sent you Christmas and birthday sweets, and was anxious to stay in your life, Kendall.

Later, after graduating from high school, I launched my own company. I have over thirty flower shops in the city, so it was easy for me to ask one of my employees, Mila, to make you an offer of employment. This was my late mother’s home.

However, why didn’t you speak up? What made you hide? Kendall enquired.

Martha gave a shrug. “I felt embarrassed,” she muttered. “I understand how you must feel about me, particularly since you’re keeping your child. I just wanted you to have a few restful nights; I didn’t plan for you to find out.

“I’m fortunate,” Kendall remarked, giving Martha a hug. If it weren’t for you and Mila, I would also have to give up Michael! How could I possibly think poorly of you?

After receiving her daughter and grandson back, Martha relocated the two of them into her exquisite home. And lastly, Kendall had a mother who was kind and understanding and who gave her unwavering love and support.

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