Millionaire’s Son Kicks Wife and Baby Out in the Cold, Loses Inheritance the Next Day

Alice was still in shock at being ejected from the guy she had thought she would live a lifetime with as she stood outside her ex-husband’s mansion. She had no idea that her dream marriage to wealthy Lucas would end in such dishonesty and betrayal.

She couldn’t help but feel resentment at how Lucas had used her for his selfish ends as she stood there, fiercely gripping her son’s hand. For him, the years of marriage, together with the assurances of love and loyalty, had been a façade.

However, just when Alice felt things couldn’t get much worse, Lucas’s parents—who had always loved her like their own daughter—surprised her with a summons. In an attempt to save her marriage, they begged her to go back to the mansion.

Alice reluctantly accepted, holding out hope that perhaps, just possibly, she and Lucas could still make things work. However, her heart fell when she saw her ex-husband’s terrified demeanor and realized that an enigmatic stranger was standing behind him as she got closer to the estate.

The stranger moved forward, his attractive features softening with worry before Alice could even begin to comprehend what was occurring.

With intensity in his voice, he cried, “Alice, I can’t believe I’ve found you!” Your time is not worth it with this dude. Let’s leave this place now!

Alice glanced at the stranger in confusion, her thoughts racing to try and figure out what was going on.

“Hold on, please. Who are you? With a tone of incredulity in her voice, she demanded. “I have no idea who you are.”

A flicker of recognition appeared in the stranger’s eyes as he stepped closer to Alice, softening his attitude.

With a soft yet persistent voice, he begged Alice to “just hear me out.” We have already met. You simply can’t recall.

Alice felt a chill go down her spine as the stranger’s words lingered in the air. What did this man mean when he said they had met before, and who was he? She couldn’t get rid of the feeling that her life was going to take an unforeseen turn and go in a direction she could never have imagined as she studied his face in search of answers.

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