Mom buckles baby in car seat and tosses her out second-story window seconds before taking her last breath.

It’s remarkable how having a child alters a woman’s intuition.

Her existence is suddenly about more than just herself. Her top priority is always her child’s protection, no matter what.

This touching and heartbreaking story demonstrates the love of a mother to the fullest.

Shelby Ann Carter, 21, was creating the perfect family life. In Wyoming, Illinois, she shared a home with her mother and her boyfriend.

In January 2017, the couple brought their lovely daughter into the world. Being a mother brought Shelby much joy.

But her hopes for the future would come to an unfortunate end.

The worst possible event occurred on January 30, 2017, and it was a horrific catastrophe.

When their house unexpectedly caught fire, Shelby Carter and her newborn daughter were alone in the house.

It spread swiftly, and in a matter of seconds, the house was completely engulfed in toxic smoke, with no way out.

Firefighters raced to the house, but when the fire was eventually contained, they discovered something horrifying on the second level.

Shelby Carter had passed away from the smoke’s effects. Carbon monoxide poisoning claimed her life.

The firefighters, however, discovered something incredible in the midst of this catastrophe that demonstrated to them that a parent will stop at nothing to protect her child.

Shelby thought swiftly enough to buckle her into the carseat even in the most dire circumstances, with a remarkably short window of opportunity.

This brave mother had strapped her infant daughter into a car seat before letting her fall out of the second-story window.

She gave her life for her kid, right up until the very last breath.

Concerned that the young child, Keana, might have also been hurt by the smoke, the firefighters transported her right away to the hospital after discovering her.

However, Shelby Carter’s fast thinking and response saved her daughter’s life.

The fact that she was able to gather her thoughts in order to save her child is simply amazing. Chief of the Wyoming-Speer Fire Protection District Ed Foglesonger told The Washington Post, “I’d say it’s nothing short of a miracle the way it ended up.”

The passing of Shelby Carter was a devastating blow to the 1,400-person, tight-knit community of Wyoming, which is located three hours southwest of Chicago.

Neighbors began putting out word on the Internet after the disaster to assist in rebuilding the house and offer Shelby’s family members some financial support.

Within a few weeks, their fund had grown to about $40,000.

The deeds of Shelby Carter demonstrate the strength of a mother’s love for her children.

Keana will never get to meet her mother, but despite the heartbreaking loss, she can grow up proud.

Our thoughts and prayers are still with Shelby’s family as they grieve the loss of this brave mother whose last deed demonstrated the depth of her love for her young daughter. ❤️

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