Mom of unusual twins with Down syndrome shuts down haters with photo of how gorgeous they are.

Even though the frequency of twin pregnancies increased by 72% between 1980 and 2018, they are still quite uncommon. About 33 babies out of every 1,000 are twins.

How likely is it that you will have identical twins? Three to four identical twins are born out of every 1,000 births on average. Therefore, again, not very common.

When Savannah Combs, 23, found out she was carrying twins, she was ecstatic. Then she found out that they both have a rare condition known as Down syndrome.

The information was distressing, of course. Savannah and her spouse Justin Ackerman knew that some people would look down on them because of her illness and the situation of her kids.

However, Savannah believes that’s also what makes them so stunning.

She said, “They’ve been my little gems, but it’s very rare what they have.”

After posting videos of her postpartum experience on TikTok with her children, Mckenli Ackerman and Kennadi Rue, Savannah, a resident of Middleburg, Florida, gained fame right away.

In a video, Savannah claimed she had been told to terminate her children because they wouldn’t make it.

She decided to give them a try and keep them.

“I considered every [prenatal] visit they had while they were still alive to be a blessing,” Savannah said.

When she discovered that her hubby and she both had Down syndrome, he had left for boot camp.

Savannah gave birth to twin children at 29 weeks gestation when she was admitted to the hospital. On May 12, 2021, identical twin daughters Kennadi Rue and Mckenli Ackerman were born.

The twins were born two months prematurely, so they had to spend many weeks in the NICU before being allowed to return home.

“They were going to be identical because they shared the same placenta, which is why they are called mono di twins,” the woman explained.

“As it is, mo di twins are quite uncommon. Add Down syndrome to it, and the odds are about one in two million.

Despite having a rare ailment, according to Savannah, they are just like any other child.

They are emotional. Their heart is pounding. They are good communicators. They are skilled at tasks you perform. They’ll arrive, she promised.

As I have stated, they may be a step behind, but they will succeed. These kids are cheerful and feisty little beings, I’ve learnt.

Savannah continues to share amazing updates on TikTok as each child reaches their milestones.

“I’m going to tell them that, with enough determination and hard work, they can achieve just as much as we can.”

Still, a few people can’t help but criticize Savannah and her family. As a result, the young mother had to reply to some incredibly nasty people on social media.

One reader wrote to the mother, saying, “I wouldn’t want those babies; if mine came out like that, they would be straight up for adoption.”

But Savannah had the perfect reply, which she shared on Facebook.

“It’s a good thing they were born to me and not to you, I added. Giving these babies to the appropriate parents who would adore them no matter what was a sign that God knew exactly what he was doing.

Beautiful women. Anyone who makes the opposite claim is just being unkind. These are the most precious and generous folks on the planet! Please use Facebook to tell others about this heartwarming story.

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