My daughter chose her rich dad over me and now asks me to take her back after he kicked her out.

When the mother’s daughter, Maria, tried to move back home after being ejected by her father, she found herself in a difficult situation. Considering their complicated past, the mother’s choice to set up requirements for Maria’s return makes sense. Here are some important things to think about:

  1. Financial Independence: Maria’s financial independence and personal development are the goals of the mother’s requirements, which include obtaining a GED, working, and making career plans. These are constructive actions that will assist Maria in creating a secure and independent future.
  2. Shared obligations: Since it encourages a sense of accountability and shared living obligations, asking Maria to help out with domestic chores is a reasonable expectation. Maria needs to know how important it is to contribute to the household in which she lives.
  3. Reasonable Expectations: Although the mother imposed rules, she also gave Maria some latitude, particularly on the weekends. This harmony demonstrates a sensible strategy that respects Maria’s maturity while maintaining structure and standards.
  4. History of Strained Relationship: Rebuilding trust and creating a healthier dynamic are essential given the mother and Maria’s history of strained relationships. This can be achieved by setting clear expectations. Taking into account Maria’s prior decisions and the history of arguments, the mother’s demands are acceptable.
  5. Community Support: The Reddit community’s encouraging comments suggest that a large number of people consider the mother’s conditions to be reasonable and intended to advance Maria’s wellbeing. Seeking outside viewpoints can yield insightful observations on the circumstance.

In the end, it seems that the mother’s strategy is motivated by her wish to uphold Maria’s financial and personal growth while preserving a safe living environment. Open communication is crucial as both sides attempt to mend their relationship based on respect and understanding for one another.

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