My girlfriend’s mom always lies about forgetting her wallet, and I told her that lying has consequences.

After he made the decision to address a pattern of lies masquerading as amnesia, a young guy posted on Reddit about a difficult experience he had with his partner’s mother. His narrative spurred a discussion about family dynamics and honesty.

Confronting a family member’s bad habits is not always simple. A 23-year-old man posted a story on Reddit about an awkward encounter he had with one of his partner’s mothers, leaving him wondering if he had gone too far.

The Redditor had to face his own morality and the necessity of kicking a troubling habit. He began by telling the audience that he was in a committed relationship with Kelly, his 25-year-old fiancée, and that Gina, 64, and Stacy, 71, were two amazing mothers.

Although the boyfriend got along well with his partner’s families, he stated at the beginning of the story that he disliked lying. Stacy’s girlfriend said that he has a past of lying. The guy saw firsthand how it hurt his partner, which made him detest it even more.

But when the Redditor and Stacy went to run errands one day, the Redditor complained that she had forgotten her wallet. The guy realized it was a common mistake and didn’t give it much thought. It was, in fact, much more anticipated from a seventy-one-year-old who frequently forgot things.

Given that she had promised to reimburse him as soon as they were home, the Redditor had no trouble paying for her purchases. He was astonished to hear Kelly inquire as he was telling her about the day’s events whether Stacy had asked him to pay for anything.

Kelly explained that this was a part of Stacy’s plan, which she used on everyone, after he told her he had. The Redditor commented, “She says she ‘forgot’ her wallet, asks you to pay, says she’ll pay you back, but she almost never does.”

The Redditor expressed how disturbed he was by this, saying, “I also don’t want to be lied to and had not yet experienced Stacy lying to me. Stacy doesn’t even care about money because Gina covers the most of her bills, she has a substantial amount of money, and she has no debt.

Kelly’s boyfriend was invited to run errands with Stacy one day, and after learning what Kelly had told him, he made sure to ask her whether she had everything and kept listing items like her phone, wallet, and keys. But Stacy said she did indeed have them all.

When the Redditor questioned Stacy if she was positive she had everything, she argued that she was only being cautious. They went to a drugstore after running some errands, and Stacy requested her boyfriend to get her something while he was there, saying she had forgotten her wallet once more.

He shared a little clip of the exchange because the Redditor was taken aback as he had repeatedly questioned her about her wallet and she had maintained that she had everything.

“I thought you said you had everything you needed before we left,” said a Redditor.

“I did, I assume I was wrong,” says Stacy.

“You said you checked,” said a Redditor. “I did,” says Stacy.

Redditor: “So, did you tell me false information about having your wallet or about looking for it?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” said Stacy.

“Are you lying about that too, or do you really not have it with you?” said a Redditor. “Why are you acting rudely toward me?” asks Stacy.

“Why did you lie to me?” asked a Redditor.

It’s not a huge deal, says Stacy. I’m going home if you refuse to assist me.

Redditor: “I’m just not going to put up with you lying to me; it’s not like I have an attitude. There are repercussions for lying.

Until they arrived home, Stacy withdrew into a chilly stillness. Additionally, Kelly informed him that Stacy had not left her room since they went to run errands, which made the Redditor question if he had overreached himself and turn to Reddit members for guidance.

His supporters may be found in the comments section. One reviewer claimed that Stacy had developed this long-standing practice without ever facing any consequences. She chose to isolate herself as a result, which expressed both her embarrassment and her rage.

Once again, a commentator said, “NTA. Stacy is lying to you at best, and stealing from you at worst, since she makes promises to pay you back but never follows through. It is past time for Stacy to suffer the repercussions of her lying. Many others expressed similar opinions, saying that Stacy needed to reconsider her actions and routines, thus it was excellent that the Redditor had challenged her.

This is the tale of a woman who, after her in-laws conveniently forgot their wallets, taught them a lesson.

My mother has always supported me throughout my entire life. She has always been my strongest ally, even if it meant accepting my decision to leave law school early due to overwhelming pressure.

My mother wasn’t wealthy, but she left me everything she owned, including the savings she had set aside for me, when she passed away.

I made the prudent decision to not waste it. I suggested to my spouse David that we save some of it for our ideal home. I also made the decision to use a portion of it to further my education because my mother and I had always dreamed of me becoming a lawyer.

Having David’s backing was the nicest part of it all. He didn’t think I would spend my entire inheritance. Rather, he was a key player in all of this, devoting nearly his whole income to our common goals.

The storyline twist is about to happen.

David and I have been renting an apartment from David’s parents while we save money for our own property. They also saw things quite differently; they were somehow of the opinion that I had suddenly become a millionaire, even though they never made reference to the money.

Still, they figured out a clever way to exploit me.

Our family enjoys trying new restaurants and dining at various establishments because we love to eat out.

David used to quip, “Until we can travel, we’ll just be restaurant hopping.”

Every restaurant outing has become a game of “wallet roulette” since the inheritance arrived. that is the one that usually has to pay the bill?

Since my in-laws would deliberately forget their wallets at home, this is from yours truly.

I chose to take the opposite role since I was sick of always being the dinner sponsor.

As usual, we went out to supper on Friday. By coincidence, my in-laws were the first to get into the car, and I noticed their wallets lying open on the table next the door.

While I wait for David to come downstairs so we can get out, I put on my shoes.

I got up and said, “I think your parents forgot their wallets.”

“Aren’t they always?” he questioned. “Now, place them inside your bag.”

After arriving at the restaurant, we dined on the Chinese food I had been craving for the entire week. David most likely consumed his share of spring rolls.

Then, pretending to be innocent, I said that I had left my bank card at home when the bill arrived. With their signature smiles put on hold due to forgetfulness, the in-laws turned to face David.

However, David stepped in just as they believed they had won another round.

“Be at ease,” he reassured. As soon as we left the home, I placed your wallets in Julia’s bag. This time, you can take care of dinner.

There was a noticeable change in the space. My in-laws’ realization of the circumstances nearly caused the gears to grind to a stop.

Please understand that we weren’t attempting to exploit them; it went much beyond that. You see, my in-laws were aware that we were accumulating money for our ideal house, which they would also be relocating into as David felt obligated to them. They knew this, though, and they never made an effort to assist us in saving money.

After a while the silence reigned, and David gave me a quick look.

My father-in-law finally extended his arm and requested his wallet.

I’m grateful, son,” he said. “This one is mine.”

We were aware that his generous gratuity to the server was really an attempt to maintain his dignity.

“I’m grateful, Dad,” David said. “You know, cooking family dinners ought to be shared by all of us. You can’t really expect to profit from Julia’s fortune each time we go out. It is important to honor her plans for that money.

Beneath the table, I took David’s hand and felt noticed and valued.

Cracking into a fortune cookie, my spouse’s mother chirped, “I’ve got it next time.”

Over the next few weeks, every time we went to a restaurant, the in-laws would always take out their wallets first. But as David pointed out, we all had to take turns and share the load.

The in-laws have not yet returned to their previous ways despite the passage of time. They now respect David and me and understand the importance of financial responsibility.

Although David and I still have to pay for all the other bills at home, it hasn’t been a whole makeover, but it is a positive start. Since my mother-in-law is aware that I study after work, she chooses to prepare without my asking.

How about you? Have your in-laws attempted to exploit you in any way?

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