My husband took me to a restaurant, then demanded that I pay for both of us at the end of our meal.

When a lady refused to pay for her husband’s dinner at a restaurant, she turned to the Reddit community for support. They agreed to have separate funds and pay for everything equally before the supper. The husband didn’t anticipate, though, that his wife would truly allow him to pay for his portion of the supper.

One of the most frequent challenges in marriage is money. Husband and wife may have a variety of problems with each other. Couples with disparate resource values frequently disagree on how much money to spend.

For this reason, it’s important to discuss money matters before marriage and, in cases where attitudes diverge, to seek outside assistance. Regretfully, after being married, a woman discovered that money would be a challenge in her married life.

Various Perspectives on Finance

A 30-year-old lady shared her predicament with her 32-year-old spouse in an anonymous Reddit post. After four months of marriage, the couple each has their own source of income. Her spouse works as a police officer, while she works as a secretary.

The woman claims that her spouse does not share her spending habits. To be honest, he does not prepare for the future and does a horrible job of budgeting. He likes making purchases without considering how much money is left in his account.

The woman suggested opening a joint account with her partner one day. In an ideal world, the spouse would split costs and save money in a joint account, but her partner viewed the resource as a pay increase.

Spending Both Ways

The husband began to spend money carelessly, buying pricey things without telling his wife. The woman remarked, “It was just like grab money and go spend it.” “Not acceptable because we have obligations.”

Upon speaking with her spouse, he acknowledged that opening a joint account wasn’t a smart decision. In addition, he defended himself by asserting that he was entitled to a portion of the money in the account and that he could spend it without anybody else’s consent. He spoke to her:

“Am I crazy for believing that everyone, married or not, should just be able to have their own money to spend?”

In the end, the couple decided to maintain their separate incomes while splitting the cost of all of their combined expenses equally.

Making Dinner Payments to His Wife

The spouse proposed that they go out to eat one evening. The wife consented, assuming they would both cover their dining costs. But after the meal, the husband—who had placed additional orders for appetizers and sweets for himself—was taken aback when his wife requested separate checks. He questioned, “You’re not gonna pay for my meal too?”

The man contended that he didn’t have enough money to pay for supper since he had already spent it all. But his wife disagreed, reminding him of their pact. She explained to him that covering costs also included covering your meal bills. Her spouse, to be honest, never really believed she wouldn’t pay for him.

Following the husband’s objections, the wife paid for her lunch and departed. When the husband returned home two hours later, he accused her of being cruel and informed her that his friend needed to go to the restaurant to pay for his lunch.

After arguing, the wife recommended that they go to therapy and obtain professional assistance for the issue. “But who’s paying?” was her husband’s first question. and kept bringing up her “unacceptable” behavior. In addition, he sought an apology from his wife for not buying him dinner.

Several Reddit users who sympathized with the woman and understood her situation left comments on her post. One woman said her husband was exhibiting warning signs from the beginning of their marriage, while another advocated for them to address the situation—alone or with a professional—before it worsens.

Do you believe the woman was correct to refuse to cover her husband’s dinner bill? In her shoes, how would you have responded? Should you tip the man or walk away?

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