My SIL is in her 31st week of pregnancy, but I saw her with a completely flat belly and decided to follow her.

Lily is thrilled at the prospect of their kids growing up together when she learns that Amanda, her sister-in-law, is also expecting. That is until she notices Amanda’s flat tummy, at which point everything changes.

My family was in a state of shock after my brother, Seth, had an incredibly intense romance with Amanda.

He informed me one day that three months after they had met, he had proposed to her.

She appeared to fit into our lives quickly, so we all accepted her into our family.

I found out I was pregnant not long after their wedding, and I was thrilled to hear the news because Amanda had also revealed her pregnancy.

“Perhaps that explains why they tied the knot so quickly,” my spouse Jordan joked.

“Perhaps,” I said. However, I adore the thought of the infants growing up together. They’re going to be brothers!

Weeks became months, and Amanda and I got closer as my tummy grew bigger and my eagerness increased. She seemed to have gained little weight elsewhere, and her round pregnant belly made me envious.

Despite her backache, nausea, and swollen ankles, she appeared as beautiful as ever.

I bit into a Danish my husband had brought me, complaining, “It’s just not fair.”

“What’s not fair?” he questioned, beaming.

Amanda appears to be a movie star. You know, always flawless, with the cutest little bun in her stomach.

Jordan merely laughed at me.

However, I started to have doubts about her. We all went out to have sushi since Seth and Jordan wanted to. Because sushi was a big no-no for pregnant women, I ordered chow mein. However, Amanda appeared to disregard this guideline and helped herself to some of Seth’s.

When I contacted my mother to tell her about it, she responded, “Maybe she’s just not that strict about her diet.”

I dismissed it, believing that it was not my position to raise any concerns.

Then, though, things changed.

As I walked down the hallway to see my doctor, expecting a check-up and excited to hear my unborn child’s heartbeat, I noticed Amanda talking to her physician, her belly remarkably flat.

Amanda and the doctor headed to his office, and I followed. Her characteristic giggle let me know it was Amanda.

I left my appointment early and headed to my brother’s workplace. I found it difficult to control my feelings when I gently brought up Amanda’s pregnancy.

But Seth’s perplexity was the same as mine.

Are you positive it was Amanda, Lily? He hung on my every word as he asked.

I gave a nod. What I saw was known to me.

His voice was tinged with skepticism as he mumbled, “That doesn’t make any sense.”

I was so worked up that when I took a sip of water from my bottle, my baby started kicking up a storm.

“The bequest,” Seth exclaimed. “That has to be the case.”

Seth could only conclude that our father inherited something. Our father had made it clear in his will that each child would get financial support until they became twenty-one.

“However, wouldn’t you be aware of Amanda’s pregnancy status?” I queried him, finding it hard to believe.

“You would assume that, wouldn’t you?” He shook his head as he said. Amanda moved into the guest room around the third month, claiming she needed the extra room to sleep. and that she was unable to tolerate being held any longer.

“And you accepted her?” I enquired. “You need to investigate this further.”

That’s exactly what Seth pledged to do.

Seth stopped by later that day and sat with Jordan and me.

“Please pour me a drink,” he asked.

He was in complete shock.

As it happened, Amanda had been acting like she was pregnant the whole time. The best news, though, was that her sister was expecting a kid, but she didn’t want to keep the child since she wanted to go abroad to study.

Amanda had come up with a plan with her sister: Amanda would pretend to be pregnant to adopt her sister’s child. The physician was privy to the information and would handle all the paperwork on their behalf.

Seth swallowed his whiskey and continued, “I don’t know what to do.”

Do you believe she is doing this to make money? Or do you believe that her sincere intention was to take care of Laura’s child? Jordan enquired.

Seth gave a headshake.

“I’m not sure,” he uttered. “Understandably, she wanted to care for the child; otherwise, Laura would have given the child up for adoption.”

Seth stayed with us that night since he couldn’t confront Amanda without a method.

I couldn’t help but feel justified in my jealousy of Amanda because she had a phony bump during her pregnancy and looked flawless.

Finally, Amanda was pardoned by Seth. He added that he didn’t understand why she hadn’t told him the truth and that he would have agreed to adopt the child as well if she had.

Both our biological and adopted children shared in the inheritance.

Jordan and I believe that Seth made the correct decision by assisting in finding the infant a loving home. However, I believe Amanda betrayed his confidence, so I’m not sure how they can mend that.

I’ll give in to my urges for the time being and finish my baby’s nursery. She will arrive in a few weeks, and then we will have to wait and see how Seth and Amanda’s connection develops further.

With any luck, having a baby will atone for Amanda’s lies and aid in their recovery.

If you had been Seth, how would you have responded?

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