My son removed me from his wedding to please his in-laws, so I threw him out of my home.

A guy kicked his son, his prospective daughter-in-law, and her parents out of his home before his son was married, and he looked to the internet to see whether he was being unfair.

After his son attended college in Pennsylvania and decided he would rather stay there than move back to New Jersey, a guy from New Jersey purchased him a four-bedroom house there.

The father believed that buying the house was a wise move since they could spend valuable time with their kid there in between their daily commutes from New Jersey to Manhattan.

While his son was in charge of paying the house’s taxes, services, and upkeep, the original poster (OP) handled these things. Up until the man’s son met his future wife, the arrangement worked very well for both men.

The young man met a woman while residing in the Pennsylvania house, and they quickly developed a serious relationship. Following his proposal, he and his new fiancée moved into his father’s home.

Everything appeared to be going well when the young man’s family got to meet his prospective bride. But when the topic of the wedding came up, things didn’t go as planned.

What Caused the Wedding’s Issues?

To congratulate the engaged pair and let the families of their son and new daughter-in-law get to know one another, the family threw a “get to know you” cookout at their Pennsylvania home.

Before the OP’s son’s fiancée, her mother, sisters, and the OP’s wife and daughter entered the house with the young man, the BBQ looked to be going well and everyone from the various families was getting along well.

The OP’s wife and daughter emerged from the house shortly after everyone else had, and they appeared to be quite distraught. They told the OP they were heading back to New Jersey right away, but they wouldn’t explain why.

Instead of asking further questions about the ladies in his life, the OP got in his car and drove them back to their houses. He learned what went wrong after they got home and the women had had time to cool off.

The future bride’s family informed the OP’s family that they weren’t “their kind of people” and that they weren’t welcome to the wedding even though they had been inside the OP’s house with his wife and kid.

This appalled the OP, who called his son to ask what he thought of the circumstances. He revealed:

“He informs me that her family believes we are unworthy and will humiliate them at a family wedding and that none of us are invited to the wedding.”

The OP flew from New Jersey to Pennsylvania to speak with his son face-to-face after taking a week off after that phone chat, but what he saw there infuriated and horrified him.

What Was Found by the Man at His Home?

The OP arrived at his Pennsylvania home to see his prospective daughter-in-law and her family there; it appeared that they had moved there without his son informing him.

When his prospective daughter-in-law’s family questioned him about his presence, he explained that he was there to talk to his son because he hadn’t received an invitation to the wedding. Then they ordered him out of their home. The OP acknowledged:

“I snapped and gave them a 30-day ultimatum to leave. Inform my son that I’m selling the house and that he is welcome to go elsewhere with all of you. I list the house for sale with a local realtor.

The OP’s son wasn’t home when this occurred, but his fiancée, who believed the young man owned the house, not his father, called him at work to inform him of what had happened.

When the son called to inquire why his father was selling the house, the father said that his son was living there without paying rent and that he should move out since he didn’t want to be around his family.

“In-laws seem to take over and we no longer count,” the original poster said. The young guy, his fiancée, and her family were informed that they had 30 days to leave the house or face eviction by a lawyer. Reactions to this post were from people who advised the original poster on the subject.

What Responses Did People Have to This Incident?

Those who had seen this post assured the man he wasn’t irrational and advised him to acquire legal counsel right away. Rather, they believed that the original poster had the authority to eject them all. These are a few of their remarks:

The question now is: Was the father justified in evicting his son, his fiancée, and her family from this home? In the position of the OP, what action would you have taken?

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