A mother lost custody of her daughter after she decided to divorce her husband due to his adultery. With time, the daughter grew to regard the mom as a horrible person and stopped going to see her. Reestablishing a connection with her mother didn’t happen until the girl ran out of money to pay for college.

An anonymous female poster in the “AITA” forum told her story in January 2022. The 45-year-old woman, who had married a wealthy man, felt fortunate to have someone support her family.

Her spouse paid out her sister’s credit card obligations in addition to bestowing extravagant presents onto her parents. He also helped her brother get in touch with a respectable business, which led to her brother receiving a lucrative employment offer.

Her spouse was adored by his in-laws and frequently supported him through difficult periods in their union, such as the initial affair. Kelly, their child, had just been born when the woman gave birth. She wanted to break up with her spouse, but she was vulnerable.

Her family, though, convinced her to pardon the man. Kelly’s presence was justified by them, highlighting the child’s need to grow up in a stable home with both parents. Following her family’s guidance, the woman decided to remain. She also persuaded herself that because she was pregnant at the time, she couldn’t be the best wife.

Kelly’s spouse had an affair with her a second time when she turned twelve. Firm in her resolution, she was committed to starting the divorce process. Her in-laws, however, were against the plan since they didn’t want their family to be involved in any scandal. The woman’s parents felt the same way, not wanting to be cut off from her husband’s generosity and kindness.

The woman decided to go ahead and file for divorce despite the opposition. She lost custody of her child throughout the court proceedings since her husband could afford to hire the best attorneys and had the assistance of his in-laws. The woman did, however, obtain alimony and a good settlement.

The mother set up visiting hours in an attempt to maintain contact with her daughter. But Kelly was given a poor impression of her by her parents and in-laws, who called her a nasty person. They made it clear that, despite her father’s best efforts to make amends, she was a hypocrite for not accepting his apology. As a result, Kelly was determined not to see her mother when she reached adolescence since she had come to believe that she was horrible.

Kelly Called Her Mother Again Just to Get Money

Tina was the woman’s dearest friend and her source of comfort during difficult times. She said that she might not have survived without Tina’s assistance, considering her friend to be her confidante and rock. The mom continued to reach out to her daughter throughout the years.

The woman focused her energies on starting over, going into accountancy, and landing a good earning position. On the other hand, her ex-husband had a run of bad luck.

In addition to losing his job, he became involved in a lawsuit that one of his workers had brought. He continued to live an opulent lifestyle despite his financial struggles, spending all of his money—including the money meant for Kelly’s college tuition—and living beyond his means.

The woman intended to give her goddaughter, not her daughter, her assets.

Kelly, at twenty-one, wished to get back in touch with her mother. “I won’t lie and say that the thought of her contacting me only to ask for money didn’t hurt me,” she admitted. As stipulated in the woman’s will, Kelly had to sign a contract renouncing her status as her mother’s heir even though the woman agreed to pay for her daughter’s graduate school fees.

The woman stated that she wanted Tina’s daughter Laura, who had grown to be more like a daughter over the years, to receive the lion’s share of her fortune and possessions. Laura was also her goddaughter, at eighteen.

The woman felt that taking their advice would hurt her chances of ever getting back together with Kelly, even though she was still friendly with a few of her relatives. They recommended dividing everything in half. Even yet, she was reluctant to cultivate a relationship with Kelly that seemed transactional or demanded money.

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