My teenage daughter chose her cheating father over me, cut all contact, and now asks me for money years later.

A mother lost custody of her daughter after she decided to divorce her husband due to his adultery. With time, the daughter grew to regard the mom as a horrible person and stopped going to see her. Reestablishing a connection with her mother didn’t happen until the girl ran out of money to pay for college.

Divergent viewpoints on the matter were voiced by the Reddit community. Some believed that the woman’s decision to leave her possessions to her goddaughter was appropriate because the daughter was merely looking to get back in touch financially. They maintained that financial gain should not be the foundation of family connections.

Some thought the woman’s choice was harsh and recommended that rather than putting her goddaughter first, she think about repairing her connection with her daughter. They noted that money shouldn’t be the only factor in determining a family’s ties and that the daughter might have had a change of heart.

In the end, viewpoints differed, illustrating the intricacies of familial dynamics and the difficulties in reestablishing relationships following a period of treachery and alienation.

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