Objects of Mystery: 13 Strange Items That Sparked People’s Curiosity About Their Purposes

There are some things that are difficult for us to understand. Many were perplexed and unsure about the purposes of these 14 objects. Thankfully, a few of online investigators stepped in to save the day.

Have you ever happened upon an object at random, whether it was when looking through your drawers on the way home from work or something you saw in a store, but you were never able to identify it?

There are a lot of things that we come across and are left wondering about their purpose. When it comes to items whose use is not immediately apparent, a sizable online community can assist you in learning something new. These are 14 inane items that have piqued people’s interest.

A tiny piece of blue plastic

A Reddit user discovered this weird blue plastic device with holes at the end of the house, which no one could figure out. It turned out to have an even more odd purpose.

Answer: “I have this exact item. It’s the antennae from this snail thing; it totally disassembles and is so unpleasant, we threw it away.”

A Red & Clear Rubber Toy.

A Reddit member discovered a red and clear rubber toy at the playground and was curious about its purpose. Although the toy appeared attractive, it lacked its counterparts.

Answer: “It’s from Lego Duplo playground set.”

A three-centimeter transparent plastic object with a flat bottom.

We usually find these unexpected artifacts while cleaning out our drawers, and this was the case for this Reddit user. This pink device which resembles a rubber bottle proved to be a fascinating source of entertainment.

Answer: I believe it’s a toy hamster water bottle. I recall having something similar when I was younger with my Littlest Pet Shop set. The present orientation is upside-down.”

White Plastic Kitchen Utensil

Most kitchen tools seem simple, but this one appeared “unusual.” It turned out to be something that could easily be overlooked but is quite useful.

Answer: “Looks like it might be used to stir the contents of a blender.” It inserts into the top and stirs it.”

Yellow Big Machinery.

Sometimes we drive past objects that make no sense to us. The explanation for this one was unexpectedly straightforward.

Answer: “Looks like a giant snowblower.”

Weird Things Floating on Water

This Reddit user was surprised to discover this in their bedside water, but an online user explained the procedure.

Answer: “It looks like congealed polymer used in water treatment techniques.

Edit: I am a wastewater operator by profession. Polymers (long carbon chain molecules with various “charges”) are mixed into conglomerate particles to aid in settling.

They are usually of a clear universal uniformity, but I’ve seen this occur when the polymer is spilled and hit with water to clean up, or when it becomes clogged in piping and is repeatedly hammered against by a positive displacement pump.

An attractively shaped wooden spoon.

A Reddit member came across an unusually shaped wooden spoon and shared it with the internet to discover what it was. According to online detectives, it’s a traditional object with an intriguing function.

One Reddit user said, “I believe it’s called an Ozhau. “A traditional ladle from Kazakhstan.” Whale said, “I believe you are correct.” If it is, it is used to ladle fried goat’s testicles from a large saucepan. In the film Long Way Round, Ewan McGregor consumes one.

Mysterious Looking Wands.

As one Reddit user delved through a box in their mother’s attic, they discovered two things that appeared to be from a fantasy film. Surprisingly, they are as magical as they appear.

Answer: “The kīla is a ritual implement used to signify stability on a prayer ground during celebrations, and only those initiated or properly authorized may wield it.” The energy of the kīla is strong, wrathful, piercing, affixing, and transfixing.”

The Royal Blue Statue

The secondhand store is a great place to find unexpected but unusual items that capture our attention. This royal blue sculpture was an extremely valuable find for the Reddit member.

Answer: ” It’s a whale oil lamp. Hand-blown glass. A really unusual blue color. “Not cheap!”

2 hanging marbles.

A Reddit member discovered these two hanging marbles in their century-old home and couldn’t figure out what they were. As a decades-old object, it may be more difficult to guess.

What is it? “It’s a razor blade sharpener.”

Innovative Kitchen Tool.

This intriguing teal object became the topic of a dinner table conversation, which the Reddit user extended to other Reddit users. It turned out to be another typical kitchen item with a unique twist.

Answer: “”A lemon extractor.”

An unusually formed metallic object

This curiously formed metallic instrument with what appears to be a handle and balls at the end may be familiar to most, but this Reddit user realized they had guessed incorrectly and resorted to the internet for solutions.

The response is, “It’s a body massager.”

A mud sculpture.

A Reddit member posted a photo of an irregularly shaped clay sculpture and was unable to figure out its purpose. It came out that all of the bumps and holes in the middle served a purpose.

The answer: “Yes, it is an oil light. The large hole on top holds the oil, while the small one at the end retains the wick.”

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