Optical illusions have fascinated and perplexed human brains for ages, stretching the limits of our cognitive abilities to comprehend beyond what is immediately apparent.

Optical illusion puzzles invite us to discover hidden truths in plain sight through a variety of engaging patterns and challenging visuals that defy our sense of vision.

Dealing with these puzzles acts as an outstanding workout to increase our observational acumen and polish our attention to detail. Are you prepared to join us as we explore the realm of optical illusions today? Let’s start.

In six seconds, find the umbrella.

A busy coffee shop scene with customers enjoying their drinks with friends and family can be seen in the image below. A happy client is shown receiving a warm cup of coffee from a cheery server. The cashier seemed to be deeply engaged in buffing the counter’s surface while a man stands near it.

Get your phone or timer ready because you just have six seconds to solve this optical puzzle. This is where your journey starts—wishing you luck!

Only once your time runs out can you scroll down to find the answer to this challenging problem.

Solution for Optical Illusion

The man beside the counter had an umbrella that was subtly disguised inside the coffee shop beside him. Check it out for yourself:

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