She suspected her husband of cheating, but then she learned the entire truth.

Within the context of partnerships, infidelity is the biggest challenge you could encounter. It is a serious issue that is the reason behind more marriage dissolutions than any other.

On the other hand, jokes about cheating spouses can sometimes be the funniest thing we have ever heard. This is true of the joke that will make you laugh, which is the one that follows.

After work, a man enters via the front door, and his wife smacks him across the face, left and right while swearing.

“Woah woah woah…How come? Says the man.

She pauses the smacking when it temporarily gets more intense.

His wife screams, “I picked up your coat from the dry cleaners earlier today and found THIS in the pocket!”

She displays a little slip of paper bearing the name and some numbers of a woman.

That? That’s the name of the horse I’ll wager on this weekend, honey! Hurry up!

She concedes defeat, issues an apology, and retreats to the den.

The man returns home from work the following day, and lo and behold, she jumps at him as soon as he opens the door. She smacks him left and right with even more force than the day before, uttering profanities that he was unaware she was capable of.

“This time, what did I do?” The man roars, shielding his face with his arms.

“The horse called!”

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