Son Reconnects with Mom 18 Years Later She Gave Him Up for Adoption When He Crashes Her Birthday Party.

The choice to place their child for adoption can be devastating and have a lifelong impact on most parents.

Adoption is, nevertheless, usually best for all parties concerned. However, it’s common for kids and their biological parents to wish to reunite with one another in the future.

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Tammy Oswalt’s dream came true last month in Winter Park, Florida, when her long-lost son Bruce, whom she had placed for adoption when he was only a newborn, came back to her. [1]

Tammy was a struggling single mother of two girls when she found out she was pregnant, and it felt like everything was falling apart around her. She was unemployed, and on the verge of homelessness, and her partner had suddenly broken up with her.

He was entitled to a stable home, two devoted parents, and everything else that I was unable to provide for him at the time. She said, “It broke my heart every day to wonder where he was, how he was, and if he hated me.”[2]

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After all, Bruce was adopted and given the name Dylan. For a while, Tammy and his adoptive mother kept in touch. Later on, though, Tammy’s questions concerning her kid began to receive no response. She decided it would be better to go quietly at that point. She never lost up on the possibility that they would cross paths again, though.

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Tammy was unaware that in 2016, Dylan had used the internet to track down Sammy Hewlett, one of her daughters. After months of correspondence, Sammy eventually revealed to Tammy that she had been in contact with Dylan.

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It would be the mother and son’s first phone chat ever.

Then, Sammy surprised her mother with a huge reveal over dinner a few days after Tammy’s birthday.

She continued, “I want you to meet your son, Dylan.”

Looking over her shoulder, Tammy noticed a tall, good-looking young man. She nearly lost hope when she saw him resting against a post and grinning at her.

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They hugged and relished their happy reunion. Both later pledged to keep in contact, and Dylan expressed feeling “more complete now, in a sense.”

“My life no longer has a whole side that I wonder about or am unaware of.”

Below is a video that features this touching reunion.

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