Starbucks Barista’s ‘Secret Note’ on Cup to Help Young Woman Triggers Heated Debate.

An internet controversy was triggered by a barista’s story that went viral, in which she voiced her concerns about a younger customer.

Mom’s Story Gains Popularity

In Corpus Christi, Texas, a mother recognized a Starbucks barista when her daughter was approached by an elderly man. Fearing for the girl’s safety, the barista came up with a ruse to let her know she was available if needed. On February 18, 2022, the 18-year-old’s mother, Brandy Roberson, wrote a Facebook post honoring the barista for thinking about her daughter’s welfare. She also gave parents in the region comfort by saying that her daughter didn’t think she was in any danger. She did express gratitude for the existence of “people who look out for other people,” though.

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Additional Clarification

Roberson continues by saying that her 18-year-old daughter was approached by the man one evening when she was studying by herself at a Starbucks. Roberson described him as “loud” and “animated.” Given the girl’s apparent younger age, the barista chose to offer her a “extra hot chocolate that someone left behind” and wrote a significant note on the cup. “Are you alright? Would you like us to step in? The cup said, “If you do, remove the lid.”

It turns out that there were several baristas prepared to step in and help, aside from the one who had served her the hot chocolate. According to Roberson, “she looked up and just saw a row of baristas staring at her — ready to step in.” “This strengthens my belief in people.”

“Perhaps after reading this tale, others would speak up if they had the chance to do so or simply turn away.”

Photo Credit: Facebook

Since then, thousands of times have been shared the content on different social media sites. As expected, the responses were diverse, ranging from praise for the barista to criticism of the way men are judged.

Those who back the barista

One reader said, “As a father of a daughter, I’m glad people are still looking out.” More people in today’s society ought to take initiative in this way. You simply never know the whole extent of a circumstance. Bravo to the vigilant Starbucks employees. Always ask and never remain silent. said one more. “Today, there are a lot of hateful or nasty remarks. It seems like Mondays are rough for everyone. This has nothing to do with Starbucks, you hatemongers; the mother was appreciative of the individual for watching out for her daughter. “I wish I could be around my kids 24/7, but nice to know other people care about other human beings besides themselves,” said another in a caustic manner. “I wish I had done that when my boyfriend attacked me.” Excellent client support. Another, with a slightly more subjective perspective, said.

Scoffing at the Barista

On the other hand, other individuals attacked the barista, stating that guys are now seen as villains simply for existing. Phil Labonte clarified, “And some people wonder why so many young men have never approached a woman.”

“Feminism has created mass hysteria that men are nothing more than violent assault machines and that the only thing stopping them from enslaving the entire female sex is feminist activism and laws,” author Rachel Wilson said in the meantime. It’s insane, and it needs to end. Departments dedicated to women’s studies ought to be closed.

Others, however, drew attention to the fact that this argument is circumstantial. One person said, “Men in the quotes giving us great examples of why the employees stepped in.” “You guys don’t have the right to talk to women just because you believe you can or that you won’t hurt them.” Another, however, hinted that the barista might have been seeking attention alone. “I called the news station to tell them how brave I was, and I completely miscast this man as a deviant, but he actually wasn’t, and nothing happened, but I am still a hero,” the commenter added.

The barista just did what she felt was best, regardless of what other people thought. When she noticed a younger-looking girl alone herself in public being approached by an older man, she gently assured the girl that she was secure. It may be argued that she had the option to create a scene, but she chose to let the girl handle things. Although the girl was fortunately not in any danger, Brandy still wants to ensure that her children are safe when they step out into the world.

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