Stepmom gives special wedding vows to a four-year-old, and his reaction breaks my heart.

Four-year-old Gage is moved to tears by touching wedding vows.

A Heartfelt Wedding Experience

Weddings arouse sentiments of an unmatched purity. Four-year-old Gage struck hearts with his battle to control his emotions during his father’s wedding, demonstrating this truth so well. In Ripley, New York, US Marine Corps sergeant Joshua Newville was being married to Senior Airman Emily Leehan.


A Valuable Father-Son Connection

Adoring his father, young Gage watched with pride as Joshua Newville and Emily Leehan exchanged vows. But as Leehan started reading vows written specifically for Gage, the tender moments took an unexpected turn. Gage’s emotions broke out as she spoke from the bottom of her heart.

A Heartbreaking Watershed

“I want you to be safe, to try your hardest, and to be a good person,” Leehan said as she started her vows. For Gage, the weight of these remarks proved to be too much. He threw his arms around Leehan very immediately, giving vent to his emotions in front of the touched spectators. In the middle of everyone’s heartfelt exhalations, Leehan attempted to comfort him by urging him not to cry. There was an overwhelmingly strong sense of genuineness and affection in the air.


A Loving Message

“The last thing you’re going to learn is that you are a special boy,” Leehan said in his vows. You are very charming, intelligent, and considerate of others. I may not have given you the gift of life, but life undoubtedly gave me the gift of you, and you have helped mold me into the woman I am today. The intense passion that engulfed Leehan and Newville was evidence of their deep relationship.

A Remarkable Moment

Even though Leehan and Newville returned to active service right away, everyone still had fond memories of their wedding. The couple’s honeymoon plans were put on hold when they returned to Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst to begin their married life due to their service commitments.

An Eternal Reminder of the Strength of Love

The video that captures Gage’s heartfelt reaction to Leehan’s vows is a timeless reminder of the profound power of love. This touching tale captures the spirit of harmony, familial bonds, and the unadulterated beauty of sincere feelings.

Spreading the Happiness

This heartwarming story conveys love and joy. If this story resonated with you, you might want to share it with others to brighten their days and remind them of the importance of love in our lives.

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