Student Screams Out Loud After She Sees Her Teacher for the First Time: ‘My Dad Has a Picture of You’

“My father has your photo,” a new student tells Angelina when they first meet in class. After school, Angelina monitors the girl to find out who her father is. She nearly passes out when she sees him.

As a devoted and focused teacher, Angelina had created her ideal private school from the ground up. She loved teaching there and purchased the school at the age of 28.

Emily, a ten-year-old girl with inquisitive eyes and a tentative grin, disrupted her routine one beautiful Tuesday. Angelina was curious as Emily introduced herself to the class, explaining that she had recently relocated to the town with her parents and that she had a cat named Whiskers.

Emily made an unexpected comment at that moment: “Oh, and my dad has your photo at our house.” Angelina was perplexed by this information and interested in learning more about the relationship between Emily’s father and her.

Angelina surreptitiously observed Emily meet her father outside after class. Angelina was reminded of a past experience by the man’s kind eyes and grin. She recognized him as Michael, her romantic partner from high school, with whom she had had in-depth discussions and hopeful plans for the future.

They had dreamed of a life together, full of love, prosperity, and family, ten years ago. Before they were married and had a family, Angelina wanted to launch her school, and Michael was all for it. But all that changed one night. Angelina became quite nauseous and lightheaded all of a sudden.

Beside her in bed, Michael noticed her distress right away.

Turning on the bedroom lamp, he questioned in a worried voice, “Are you okay, Angie?” The lovely glow created by the mild light highlighted Angelina’s fair skin tone.

With a feeble voice, Angelina said, “I don’t know.” A rush of dizziness overcame her as she tried to sit up. “All of a sudden, I feel terribly unwell.

Michael’s protective instincts kicked in and he acted immediately. She slumped over the side of the bed, attempting to calm her stomach, and he brought her a glass of water and stayed by her side, holding her hair back and massaging her back in soft, comforting strokes. Angelina’s health did not improve in spite of his attempts.

Feeling ill, Angelina was collected up by her parents from Michael’s residence as daylight broke.

Worried, her mother said to her, “Angelina, you look so pale! What took place? Michael, did you both eat something bad?

Michael reassured them that they hadn’t consumed anything out of the ordinary, but he was still anxious.

The decision to transport Angelina to the hospital was made swiftly by her parents. Her parents’ concerned looks and chatter while the vehicle trip passed in a haze. Trying to maintain optimism, her mother said, “Maybe it’s just a bad stomach bug.”

The setting of the hospital made them feel even more anxious. The mother of Angelina pleaded with the doctor, “Doctor, please tell us what’s wrong with our daughter,” when she eventually returned carrying the findings of her tests.

The physician gave an unexpected response. “Angelina has a pregnancy.”

Angelina and her parents were taken aback when they learned she was pregnant. Her mother reacted with a mixture of bewilderment and nuanced feelings, while her father provided quiet support.

Could something have gone wrong? “Are you positive?” inquired her mother.

After the pregnancy was confirmed by the doctor, Angelina and her family had to deal with this unexpected development. Her meticulously plotted future was unclear all of a sudden.

Later, Michael was invited to her parents’ home by Angelina. Her parents waited in the kitchen, their expressions solemn. Seeing the gravity of the situation, Michael said, “What’s going on? Is everything in order?

After battling her feelings, Angelina at last said, “I’m pregnant, Michael.”

Michael was taken aback to learn that Angelina was expecting, but he soon collected himself. “I love Angelina, and I’m here to support her and our child,” he said, turning to face Angelina’s parents. I’m not going to duck this obligation.

Relieved, but expecting a different response, were Angelina’s parents. Her father gave his support, saying, “Son, that’s excellent to hear. You’re displaying true maturity.

Angelina was conflicted, though. Her aspirations to construct a school were in stark contrast to Michael’s dedication. Her father abruptly cut her off, telling her, “This is not the time for foolish dreams.” She tried to express her worries. You must concentrate on this baby—that’s what matters most.”

Angelina nodded, resigned, shoving away her hopes. Though her dream of the school persisted in her mind, she concentrated on her health and the baby.

After applying to a prominent college, Angelina received an admission letter many months later.

She excitedly told her parents about the news and showed them the letter. “Look at this, Mom and Dad. I applied to this college, and they accepted me!

Her parents had conflicting emotions in response. Her mother remarked, “Angelina, this is wonderful news. But have you given this any thought? With the impending birth…

“I could be a mother and a student. Angelina said, “I could manage with some help from Michael,” with a hopeful tone.

But her father was dubious, saying, “Angelina, we’re proud of you, but you need to be grounded.” You’re going to become a mommy shortly.

But, Angelina begged, “I can do both.” I’m confident in my ability.

“Michael has found a good job and he’s preparing for the baby,” her mother said softly. It is unrealistic to expect him to balance employment and childcare duties while you are studying.

“Your place is with the child, Angelina,” her father said. Michael is going to provide for the family, therefore you should put your family first.

When Angelina realized her parents didn’t share her deep-seated ambitions, her hope for the future dimmed. All they could see for her was parenthood.

Angelina went into labor two days after having the tense talk about her future with her parents. Michael and her parents drove her to the hospital in a hurry. “During the drive, her mother reassured her, ‘You’re going to be okay, sweetheart.”

“You can do this, Angie,” Michael informed her, standing firm by her side. I am with you right now.

Angelina had a difficult and hard labor in the hospital. Her parents stood outside the delivery room, holding each other tight as they waited nervously. The nurse finally appeared and said, “It’s a girl, and both mother and daughter are doing well.”

But motherhood’s realities overcame Angelina. She made an agonizing choice because she felt stuck and yearned for the life she had imagined. She discreetly left her house with her newborn two weeks after the birth, leaving a note for Michael in which she apologized and gave her explanations.

After relocating to a new place, Angelina went after her academic ambition. She put forth a lot of effort, did well in school, and finally became a good teacher. She became well-known for her creative teaching strategies, which helped her realize her ambition of opening her own institution.

Even after achieving success in her career, Angelina could not help but think of her daughter. She pondered her accomplishments and the person she was growing into. Knowing that her action must have left her family feeling betrayed, her heart hurt for them.

Angelina, who is now excelling at her chosen school, was very saddened by her decision to leave years ago. Frequently, her mind would wander to the daughter she departed from. In an attempt to reunite, she followed Emily home from school and ended up at Michael’s door.

“Angelina?” As he answered the door, Michael questioned, startled.

“I apologize for being unexpected. Angelina said, “We need to talk,” her voice brimming with passion. Michael moved discreetly aside to allow her entry.

Their daughter’s images, which captured the years she had missed, graced the interior of the house.

“I discovered that the price was too great after leaving to pursue my aspirations. With her gaze fixed on the pictures, Angelina said, “I missed out on so much.”

“So, you realized your dream? Your educational institution?” Michael enquired.

“Yeah, I did,” Angelina said, her tone reflecting both pride and remorse.

Michael mumbled, “Then maybe it wasn’t all in vain.” “My daughter and I have enjoyed a happy life together. Though it wasn’t simple, we succeeded. She is now a lovely, intelligent, and kind young woman.

Once more, Angelina’s eyes welled up with tears, but they were mixed with sadness as well. Michael, I’m very happy to hear that. She looked like the most amazing person. It’s my school that you’ve enrolled her in.

Michael became serious in his face. You should be aware of something else, though. Our daughter is unwell. It’s important. The doctors say she requires pricey therapy. Even after doing everything I could—including borrowing money and selling everything I could—it is still insufficient.

Overcome with a strong desire to assist, Angelina pleaded, “Please, let me do something for our daughter.”

When Michael revealed how expensive the therapy would be, Angelina felt powerless. Even though she was successful, she understood that certain obstacles were insurmountable.

However, a few days later, a determined Angelina showed up at Michael’s house with an envelope. She knew that her choice would alter her life once more, but she was ready to accept the difficulties of the present and deal with the fallout from her previous choices.

Michael was given the envelope by Angelina that included a cheque for a sizeable amount.

Surprised, Michael enquired, “Angelina, where did you get this?”

With a heavy but obvious choice, Angelina said, “I sold the school, Michael.”

Michael gasped. “However, that was your dream.”

“I know, but being a part of our daughter’s life and being involved in it means more to me now,” Angelina chimed in. I can’t allow it to happen again since I lost you both once. I would do anything to be in her life once more.

Michael said, “If she gets better, you should be a part of her life,” moved by her sacrifice. You are welcome to live with us.

Angelina gratefully accepted, welcoming the opportunity for atonement and mending the relationships she had broken.

Angelina thought back on her adventure as she packed up her office. Her hard work and commitment were remembered in every corner of the school, in every book, and in every piece of furniture. However, as she examined the pictures of her pupils, she realized that the lives she had impacted via her teaching were more important to her than the school itself.

Then, Angelina had a great sense of satisfaction upon learning of her daughter’s successful course of therapy. She began a path of reconnecting with Michael and learning new things after moving in with him and their daughter. Through activities and chats with her kid, she rediscovered what it meant to be a mother.

With empathy and optimism, Angelina and Michael negotiated their rekindled romance while exchanging dreams and life experiences. Much more than her career accomplishments, Angelina felt content and at peace with herself after starting this new phase.

Angelina discovered from this experience that relationships, love, and having an influence on other people’s lives are what really matter in life.

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