Tattoo Grandma Shows Her Before Picture, And I’m In Shock.

People use several methods to express themselves. Those who alter their bodies are examples of people who occasionally even go too far in this regard. This definition does not always apply to tattoos, but when you have tattoos all over your body, you are expressing yourself in a very special way.

Not everyone will support someone who chooses to get a tattoo. whatever people used to be opposed to getting a tattoo, but for whatever reason, they had second thoughts and would never have it removed. With Kiersten Tristan, that is the situation.

Kiersten, who is 56 years old, is a grandmother. Although she enjoys several various pastimes, one of them is a little unusual. She likes to alter her body, and getting tattoos is part of it.

Her whole body is covered in tattoos, and she paid a hefty price to adorn her body in this fashion. She used to detest tattoos, but something happened to change her opinion, and that same year she received her first tattoo.

“I just wanted to try something new,” she remarked. At my age, I believed that something genuine must occur since we only had one life to live.

She has spent over $32,000 on tattoos and other body changes since 2015. Her bodily changes have also garnered her a lot of attention; she has 190,000 followers on Instagram.

Her videos on TikTok receive millions of views, and she also has a fan base there. To anyone who will look her in the eye, she flaunts her appearance. Instead of seeing a tattooed person when she looks in the mirror, she sees a “beautiful meadow full of flowers.”

Many of the people who view her Instagram photos and videos also concur.

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