Students’ life might be significantly impacted by their teachers in the long run. While some educators encourage students to pursue their goals and aspirations, others support students who lack self-worth in realizing their full potential and developing their gifts.

But some educators have the ability to demoralize and emotionally damage their students. An anonymous Reddit member talked about their encounter with one of these teachers, stating that the teacher’s name was routinely used to cruelly taunt her students.

The Reddit user claimed that she would make fun of everything, including their voices, appearance, clothes, and grades. She would even openly state that she didn’t think depression existed.

The teacher made some casual remarks at first, but as time went on, she became more and more blatant, even making fun of the user’s voice in front of the class during a lesson. However, when a new student enrolled in the school and the teacher became obsessed with her, things took a terrible turn.

The Bickering Increased

Right away, the new girl—whom the author of the story simply called “Smol”—was a nice person. Despite the fact that everyone could see she came from a difficult background, she was amiable to every student. “She often came to class smelling of her dad’s chain smoking and in old hand-me-down clothes,” the Redditor recalled.

The Reddit user was infuriated to witness Smol being so brusquely and viciously degraded in front of all of her peers.

Smol also struggled with a few mental health issues. Notably, she had sadness and was frequently teased by children. The teacher promptly began making fun of Smol after she enrolled in the same class as the Reddit person who first published the incident. She made a big deal out of her attire and promoted bullying, which made Smol even more hopeless.

Little was done to assist the new girl, despite the fact that the entire class could see how her circumstances were affecting her. In class, she was harassed by some kids, but the teacher did nothing but stare at them. The teacher, who frequently engaged in this behavior with a cloying smile, summoned everyone to her table one day to respond to a question.

Upon Smol’s time, the teacher inquired about her favorite kind of music, to which the girl said that she didn’t have a favorite. The young girl stormed out of class in tears as the teacher again made a harsh remark in a loud voice, focusing on Smol’s depression tendencies.

Bringing the Instructor Back to Reality

The Reddit user’s blood curdled to see Smol cruelly and viciously degraded in front of all of her classmates. “I fumed about how inappropriate and unacceptable this was,” they said in their response. And I asked for justice. They would take action against the educator’s unrelenting dictatorship, ultimately devising a straightforward yet efficient scheme.

The user started secretly filming every class they took with the teacher. The user compiled all of the incidents from the day after school by recording every time she made fun of a classmate. They soon amassed a large collection of insults, most of them were aimed toward Smol.

Following a month of collecting proof, the Redditor forwarded the list of insults to the principal of the school along with a letter pleading with him to take action over the near-daily harassment the kids endured. Fortunately, the principal was horrified by the teacher’s actions and intervened right away.

The instructor was summoned, given a formal reprimand, and made to apologize to the class, specifically to Smol. The husband of the teacher, who was also employed by the school, was astounded by what his spouse had been doing to the children. She lost her job, of course, and her reputation was severely damaged. It also seems that her marriage suffered greatly.

Several commenters commended the first poster for sharing the narrative and referred to them as a “hero” for defying the teacher’s abusive language. Eventually, the Redditor and Smol were close friends, and the poster responded to a question about her current state of well-being by saying, “Smol is doing much better.”

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