Teen Wants To Start Calling His Foster Parent ‘Mom’ And The Internet Helps Him Do So

Being in foster care can be challenging. Every day is different in your life, and all you usually want is a secure home with devoted parents.

This was something that the fifteen-year-old boy, whose parents truly cared about him, all too well knew. He even wanted to call his foster parent “mom” because they loved him so much.

Calling someone you love mom seems like such a natural thing to do, but for him, it wasn’t. He went to Reddit to get tips on how to accomplish it because of this.

It all began when the adolescent went to school and met the woman who would end up being his foster mother. His homeroom teacher, Janice, was a generous person, and the teenager was searching for a permanent residence.

Janice wanted to adopt a kid and had previously fostered children. She expressed her willingness to assist as soon as she heard the young adolescent’s news.

“Janice is the best mom I could have ever asked for,” the teenager exclaimed. She has shown me such incredible kindness and love, and I adore her. The issue is that I refer to her as Janice instead of Mom. I’d like to start calling her mom, but I’m not sure how to do it politely. Strangers on the internet, please help me.

People stepped forward to offer him all the assistance he required after he posted this. A lot of heartwarming advice and other information was shared in the comments section.

Someone advised him to ask her for something and then simply say “Thanks, mom,” when they received it, in order to be tactful.

Someone else proposed a more joyous occasion. “How about holding an adoption ceremony to officially adopt her?” they asked. or fabricate a credential?

This mom’s day was made by your post. I love you both.

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