Testing IQ Challenge: Find the Man’s Lost Wallet in 11 Seconds – Only 1% Success!

Studies show that the human brain is capable of deciphering a wide range of viewpoints and visuals, even when faced with optical illusions that distort vision.

Optical illusions come in many different forms—physical, physiological, and cognitive—and trick our minds to expose the nuances of visual perception.

It has been said that solving puzzles has improved focus and attention since the Babylonians.

The picture, which was first intended to be a kid’s puzzle, shows a situation in a restaurant with a lost wallet problem.

In the imagined scene, a man and woman are dining together when the guy discovers, to their surprise, that his wallet is stolen, raising the waiter’s suspicions.

Look closely at the picture to find the concealed wallet in the eatery.

Although it seems difficult at first, a closer look shows the wallet is subtly hidden beneath the woman’s hair.

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