How many squares can you notice?

Has there ever been a riddle that left you scratching your head? This one is for you, then! Look at the following image and see how many squares you can count.

We made use of a handy tool called Doceri to assist us with the square counting. It made it possible for us to visually monitor the squares as we were counting them. Really nice, huh?

It’s your time now! Look at the picture for a moment and count the number of squares you can identify. These kinds of puzzles may be really difficult, so don’t worry if it takes you a few tries. And never forget, it’s acceptable to respond differently than others. The allure of riddles lies in that!

If you’re feeling very daring, how about making a video answer and sending it our way? We would love to see your approach to solving this difficult challenge and your thought process. So feel free to demonstrate your puzzle-solving abilities!

Who can solve this square problem, let’s see! Wishing you luck!’

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