My daughter forgot about my 90th birthday, and I stayed alone until the doorbell rang.

Achieving a milestone birthday is remarkable, particularly when one reaches 90. Patty had been looking forward to spending her ninetieth birthday with her daughter Angie and her grandkids. Patty was ecstatic since Angie had offered to plan a little celebration.

Patty’s life was brightened by her time with her grandkids, particularly since she had been feeling isolated following her husband’s death. She was reminded of Angie and their father John, whom Angie had recently separated from.

Because Patty loved John as if he were her own son, she was devastated to learn of her daughter’s divorce. She was aware that relationships don’t always work out as intended and that she was unable to save their marriage.

Patty was ecstatic on her birthday when it finally arrived. But as time went on, Patty’s delight gave way to concern since Angie was nowhere to be located and wasn’t returning her calls. After several hours, the doorbell did eventually ring. Despite her advanced years, Patty opened the door with haste and was taken aback to discover John standing there with a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates.

“Happy Birthday, Mom!” A smile spread across John’s face.

When Patty saw him, she was ecstatic and appreciative that he had remembered her special day. But since John has always been a conscientious guy, it wasn’t shocking. John hesitated for a second before accepting Patty’s invitation to supper. John was such a chef that he even assisted Patty in preparing the meal.

John had to inquire about Angie as soon as they sat down to eat. He pondered whether it would bother her that he was at her mother’s place. Since Angie hadn’t answered any of her calls, Patty gave him the reassurance that she probably wasn’t arriving.

John volunteered to phone Angie out of concern, and this time, she picked up. Following a brief exchange of words, John told Patty why Angie couldn’t attend her birthday celebration.

John replied, his fear clear in his voice, “It turns out Angie, her new boyfriend, and the kids are all on vacation.”

Patty was surprised. Why her daughter would hide this from her was beyond her comprehension. The fact that Angie had not consulted or told him about the family trip with their kids further made John angry.

Patty was inquiring whether John knew anything about Angie’s new guy since she was curious.

She made a brief reference to him, but an entire vacation? It appears that they have been organizing it for the past month or so. John added, clearly troubled, “I’m sorry, Patty, but I think your daughter has taken things a little too far this time.”

Patty had a sense of betrayal and disappointment. The least Angie could have done was let her mother and her children’s father know about her plans and that she wouldn’t be there for Patty’s important life milestone.

Patty and her daughter later talked deeply, but the hurt persisted. Patty was disappointed, but she hoped that going forward, Angie would learn to listen to her family and take their sentiments into consideration.

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