The 13-year-old boy stops a kidnapper with a $3 toy that his mother bought for him.

Owen Burns was going home from school one afternoon when he overheard his sister screaming. He was angered by the commotion her shouts produced and couldn’t see anything sinister in her pleas for help.

But as he turned to look out his window, he was frightened, but he quickly recovered to make a decision that would spare his life.

On his PlayStation 3, Owen Burns was getting set to play his favorite game, “Call of Duty: Black Ops II,” when he heard his sister crying in the backyard. The 13-year-old became annoyed because she believed she was acting ridiculous.

Later, in his bedroom, the adolescent spotted a stranger attempting to pull his eight-year-old sister to the woods that bordered their house. The horrified teenager grabbed his slingshot and gathered any available things that could be used as ammunition, including a marble and a rock. He shot the kidnapper directly between the eyes.

The second time, he struck him in the chest. “He swore. “He was cussing,” Owen told reporters.

The meeting was held in broad daylight at the Burns home in Alpena Township, Michigan. Kidnappings, according to their mom Maggie Burns, are quite rare in the community.

His 8-year-old sister was uninjured by the incident, though she was clearly afraid. The 17-year-old kidnapper’s name has not been revealed, but he will face adult charges, according to Michigan State Police.

At a press conference, Lt. John Grimshaw described Owen’s efforts as “extraordinary” and credited him with saving his sister’s life or preventing major harm. This little boy’s efforts were nothing less than amazing!

He went on to say that the young man deserves to be congratulated for his efforts. The teenager fired a conventional slingshot; nothing extraordinary about it. It cost his mother $3 because it was on sale. The youngster would periodically go outside to his yard and practice shooting at old orange juice cans, which he said helped him improve his accuracy.

The youngster stated that when he first saw a kidnapper attempting to steal his sister, he had only one thought: if the stranger succeeded, he would most likely kill her or exploit her as a sex slave.

The kidnapper, according to reports, “came out from behind her, grabbed her like you see in films — hand over the mouth, arm over the waist — and tried to pull her into the trees.”

That’s when Owen took out his slingshot and began firing at him. She ran inside the home crying and informed her brother that she had nearly died when the abductor released his sister.

Enraged, Owen hurried outside while swearing at the kidnapper. A baseball was thrown to him, but it missed. Then his third attempt failed because the rubber on his slingshot snapped. Then he attempted to hit him with it once again.

Then, while on her way from work, the siblings contacted their mom, who had stopped to lend a hand at a relative’s residence. She overheard her irate and nonsensical kids on the phone and hurried home to call the police. She discerned the word “kidnapper.”

Maggie remarked, “I was in shock for a few days.”

The 17-year-old kidnapper was found hiding at a nearby gas station. Subsequently, he was charged with tried kidnapping, attempted criminal violence, and misdemeanor assault and battery in the Alpena County District Court.

According to a news statement from the police, “He had obvious signs of an injury similar with those that would have been suffered from the slingshot strikes to his head and chest.”

Maggie voiced doubt over his son’s assertion that he struck the abductor precisely in the face and chest from a distance of 200 feet.

Nevertheless, the information was confirmed by the police, who said that during their conversation with the suspect, the goose egg that had formed on his forehead kept growing. “You mentioned I lie a lot!” Owen told his mother. She answered, “I just couldn’t believe it.” It just didn’t seem plausible until there was evidence.

It has the tone of something you could hear in a movie. “Mom, things that happen in movies can and do happen in real life.” stated the adolescent. This young man is a hero!

This wonderful story illustrates the courageous efforts of a big brother who defends his younger sister. Tell your friends and family about this story to uplift them.

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