The barista saves the day with a secret hot chocolate note.

All of us have moments when we might use some assistance, but occasionally, someone’s need for assistance could mean the difference between life and death. When we witness someone in such a predicament, do we act morally or do we look the other way?

Thankfully, in February 2022, a Starbucks barista in Texas agreed to step in. They addressed their worries about the safety of a teenage customer by writing a message on a cup for her.

The mother of an eighteen-year-old student at the Corpus Christi institution is Brandy Selim Roberson. Her kid had been approached by an unfamiliar man who was “loud and intimidating,” so she praised the personnel for what they did.

When the barista handed her a throwaway coffee cup and explained that it was an additional hot chocolate for someone who had forgotten it, the woman instantly became a hero. Additionally, there was a note that said, “Are you okay? Would you like us to step in? Remove the cup’s lid if you do.

According to Brandy, as she looked up, she noticed the line of baristas waiting to take her order. Although she was grateful for the gesture, she assured the personnel that she was okay and didn’t need any assistance.

Brandy continued by expressing her hope that other businesses will teach their employees to perform a comparable task. “This reinforces my faith in humanity,” the mother remarked. Perhaps after reading this tale, others might speak up if they had the option to do so or just turn away.

Many individuals talked about how crucial it was to intervene in these situations once the tale went viral. Workers in the hospitality industry frequently defend their patrons, as seen by the several such incidents that have now gone viral.

They will take a step that allows the individual to politely request assistance, after which they will offer them the assistance they require.

When people unite for the common good, it’s lovely. This is one of those situations where you simply want to believe in people again.

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