Not long after being married to the lady he loved the most, in July 2022, a guy going by the pseudonym “Low_Kale1618” asked a question on Reddit. He wanted to know about an odd occurrence that occurred on his wedding day.

Before delving into the primary narrative, the guy briefly discussed his wife’s connection with his mother, stating that their relationship had been strained ever since he was not married to her.

According to the guy, his mother and his bride had “many issues,” which is why he thought twice before asking her to the wedding. The man claimed that his mother disagreed with the choices he and his wife made.

But because they felt she ought to be a part of their special day, the couple chose to invite the elder woman. Furthermore, they thought she never did anything that would draw notice from others or disgrace them in front of their guests.

The guy revealed that he always supported his wife in arguments with his mother, especially when they were in front of her. But there was something deeply bothering him about his wife. “My wife always assumes there is a subliminal message in my mother’s clothing, which drives me crazy,” he admitted.

What took place on the wedding day?

The man recounted how his mother’s outfit from the rehearsal dinner the night before their wedding angered his wife. While his wife felt his mother shouldn’t have worn the dress with the side cutouts, he thought it was acceptable for the occasion.

The man’s wife took issue with his mother’s striking headpiece, which appeared to have more gems than their wedding ring, in addition to the outfit. According to the man’s post:

“The wife wasn’t offended that one of her bridesmaids wore a prettier crop top and skirt combination.”

The man ignored his wife’s protests that day since he didn’t know she would similarly object to his mother’s gown on their wedding day. On his special day, everything was going smoothly until his wife said that his mother’s black outfit wasn’t appropriate for a funeral. He declared:

“I never even knew that was a taboo topic.”

The guy on Reddit clarified the situation for other users by calling his mother’s outfit “a nice lacey one-sleeve cocktail dress.” He clarified that it was inappropriate for a lady to wear at a funeral.

The bride urged the groom to inform his mother to alter her clothes or leave their wedding since she found her mother-in-law’s attire offensive. On such a momentous day, she didn’t want to see the elderly woman dressed in all black.

What Was the Man’s Response to the Circumstance?

The man saw bridesmaids wearing black at his father’s wedding, so he assumed it was OK to wear black to a wedding. He was unaware that anyone could find it objectionable.

The guy acknowledged that he could have been mistaken to turn down his wife’s request on her wedding day, but he insisted that he had neither asked his mother to change her outfit nor forced her to leave the ceremony. Rather, he informed his spouse that his mother didn’t purposefully harm them by dressing in black.

The guy said on Reddit, “I think even if she liked us, she (his mother) would have worn that, even though I know she’s been a jerk in the past.” This was one of the rare occasions where the guy chose to support his mother over his wife.

The man felt horrible about turning down his wife’s request because it had upset her. On their wedding day, she expected him to “have her back,” but he didn’t think it was appropriate to comply with his wife’s wish.

The man thought of a way to make it up to her. In exchange for changing the color of his mother’s attire in the wedding portraits, he offered the photographer an additional sum of money. But since his mother wasn’t in the family pictures, he didn’t have to do that.

After his wife objected to his mother’s clothing, he blogged about the situation on Reddit and asked others if he was to blame for not asking his mother to change or ejecting her from the wedding.

Do you believe the man was incompetent? If you had been in his shoes, how would you have responded? Your thoughts on wearing black at weddings would be much appreciated.

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