The student claims he is too brilliant for first grade. This is how the principal responded

Education is about increasing the mind’s capacity for reasoning, not simply memorizing information.

Unfortunately, our educational system usually fails to foster creativity or allow kids to think creatively.

The following story is simply a joke that generally makes you laugh, but it also speaks a lot about the values that education should embody: curiosity, inventiveness, and the odd chuckle.

Johnny, a first-grade student, was uninterested in the lesson, so his instructor inquired as to the source of the problem.

The youngster said, “I am too brilliant for first grade. My third-grade sister is not as intelligent as I am. I guess I’m in the wrong class.”

The instructor then led Johnny to the principal’s office.

While Johnny waited in the corridor, the instructor notified the principal of the issue.

“The kid would take a test,” the headmaster said to the teacher, “and if he didn’t do well, he was going to be sent back to the first grade for instruction on proper behavior.”

Johnny agreed to participate in the test after being brought in and informed of its criteria.

“What is 3 + 3?” you ask the pupil.

Johnny: “6”.

The teacher said again, “How much is 6 x 6?”

Johnny: “36”.

The principal tested the youngster on everything he felt a third-grader should know.

The principal looked at the instructor and said, “I think Johnny can go to third grade.”

“Can I ask him a few questions?” the teacher inquired.

“What does a cow have 4 of and I only have two?”

After a little pause, Johnny stated, “Legs.”

“What do you’ve got in your pants and I don’t?” The teacher proceeded.

The teacher’s eyes widened, however Johnny just answered, “Pockets”.

“What does a dog do when someone else steps on it?” Said the lecturer.

Johnny: “Pants”

“What has the letters F and K in it and means great excitement,” the teacher inquired.

Johnny says, “Fire truck.”

“Put Johnny in fifth grade,” said the principal, “I failed the last four questions myself.”

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