The widowed groom speaks up, recalling his wife’s final words to him before her terrible demise

The groom has opened up about his last moments with his new wife, who passed away just hours after the couple wed.

Just hours after the couple celebrated their wedding, Aric Hutchinson, 36, and Samantha Miller, 34, of South Carolina, were engaged in a horrific car accident on the evening of April 28 when a suspected drunk driver struck their vehicle.

According to reports, the newlyweds were leaving their celebration in Folly Beach when they boarded a golf cart to head home. However, a drunk motorist struck the golf cart, instantly murdering Samantha and badly injuring Aric as well as two other individuals.

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The husband was taken to the hospital right away to receive treatment for his serious wounds.

In the days that followed, Aric’s mother Annette created a GoFundMe and used the description to provide more gruesome details of the collision that stole her new daughter-in-law’s life.

“Aric lost the love of his life when my new daughter-in-law Samantha ‘Sam’ Hutchinson was cruelly killed by a drunk driver while leaving her wedding celebration on April 28 in Folly Beach, South Carolina, only seconds after the picture above. The status of my son is currently critical,” Annette stated.

She continued by saying that the incident also implicated her grandson Brogan Garrett and daughter-in-law Benjamin Garrett.

According to a police affidavit obtained by the New York Post, Komoroski was travelling at a speed of 65 mph (104 km/h), which resulted in the accident.

The grieving husband has now opened up about the experience in his first interview since losing his beloved.

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He said, “I’m still trying to wrap my head around it,” when speaking to Good Morning America. It’s difficult to try to understand that night, going from a record high to a record low.

He said, “She was so happy,” telling the publication that the two were feeling content on their special day because they were surrounded by their loved ones. “I mean, as most people are aware, preparing a wedding is quite stressful. She simply exhibited an odd peacefulness that evening.

Aric also indicated that while he doesn’t recall the entire collision, he does recall Samantha’s final words to him.

He remarked, “I do remember the last thing I remember her saying was she wanted the night to never end,” before revealing that the following memory was waking up in the hospital room and wondering, “Where’s Sam?”

Source: GoFundMe

He told GMA, “That’s when [my mom] told me there was an incident and Sam didn’t make it.

According to CNN, the motorist who hit the car was Jamie Komoroski, 25, who has now been detained and charged with three charges of DUI causing serious bodily harm or death and one count of reckless murder.

Komoroski is said to have been travelling 65 mph in a 25 mph zone at the time of the collision, according to a police report made public by the Folly Beach Department of Public Safety.

After her arrest, Komoroski’s lawyer released a statement in which he said: “We cannot imagine what the families are going through and extend our sincere sympathies. We merely beg that hasty judgement be avoided. The fairness and mercy that are the cornerstones of our judicial system will ensure that all the facts are revealed there.

After accusing the alleged drunk driver of “bar hopping” prior to the deadly collision, Aric has subsequently launched a lawsuit against her in Charleston, according to the Daily Mail.

The 36-year-old is also suing five bars that Komoroski is said to have visited because he alleges that they provided her with alcohol despite the fact that she was obviously drunk. According to the lawsuit, the 25-year-old went to El Gallo Bar and Grill in the vicinity of Daniel Island before heading to Folly Beach, where she allegedly went to bars like Drop In, The Crab Shack and Snapper Jack.

According to GMA, the devastated husband stated that he is not yet prepared to confront the negligent driver, saying: “I can’t right now. I want to. She stole a wonderful person who shouldn’t have been stolen, after all.

He claimed that for the time being, his attention is on recovering while clinging to his fond memories of Sam. He returned to the flat they shared on the third floor and claimed to still be able to feel her presence.

It’s challenging but also pleasant. Sam’s name is all over the place,” he remarked. “She chose to go to the third floor, so I know she’s up there watching, just laughing at me trying to get up and down these stairs.”

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