A woman posted her personal story on Reddit. She added that her boyfriend wanted her to cover the dinner bill for himself and his buddies because he was taunting her for earning more money than him.

She mentioned that she had received a 30% boost in her wages, and her fiance began to discuss it. “I (F33) have been engaged to my fiance (M37) for five months. We don’t share finances since it is what he prefers. I received a wage increase. I now make 30% more than he does, and I’ve observed that he’s been exploiting this to ask me to pay for himself and his pals. When I said “no” or “Why should I pay for this?” he’d add “The 30%, that’s why”. He acts as if the 30% is unjust or that I am unworthy of it.

Because he had duped her multiple times into paying for the lunches, she had said before leaving that she would not pay this time. “Several times, he has duped me into paying for his and his friend’s meals by asking me publicly. Let me clarify that I am too sweet to say “no”; I despise conflict, especially when we are in a public setting like a restaurant, so I simply smile and pay. Last Tuesday, he invited me to join him and his pals for supper. I informed him right away that I was not going to pay for their lunch, and that he shouldn’t expect me to. He stated he “had this” and “no concerns”.”

Then, in the middle of their supper, her fiance whispered to her that she would pay again, and she declined. “We made it to the restaurant. He met his pals and ordered supper. down the midst of the meal, he leaned down and whispered that I would pay for whatever he and his companions ordered. I was so angry that I murmured back “No,” but he probably depended on me not making a commotion in public and front of his pals. He said, “You had sufficient money to pay for everybody’s food, 30%, remember?”

She became angry and returned home after paying her bill. “I was angry within. Instead of responding angrily and losing my cool. I waited until the bills arrived (they were already split when we ordered), paid for mine, and then excused myself to the washroom. I then snuck out, got into my car, and headed home.

Then her fiance contacted and texted to inquire where she was, and she explained the scenario. “I began receiving phone calls from my fiance, followed by messages wondering where I was. I replied, stating I didn’t appreciate his putting me in this predicament and essentially manipulating me into paying for his and his buddies’ lunch. I told him I went home then stopped replying.”

Then she added that they argued about the issue: “An hour later, he arrived and started ranting at me, calling me selfish, illogical, cheapskate, and juvenile for sneaking away like that and leaving him with a bill he couldn’t pay (he had to contact his brother for help). We had a big quarrel, and he went out. His buddies did not talk with me about this, but he informed me they were disappointed in my actions and were advising him to “reflect” on the sort of woman he would marry.

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