These quick and unexpected comebacks will have you laughing so hard.

Funny and unexpected things might happen when you give a clever response.

These anecdotes illustrate situations where a dash of humor put things right.

A husband contacted his wife late one night, requesting that she prepare his favorite meal and wash his filthy clothes before he returned home. I was shocked that nobody answered.

Unfazed, he contacted his wife once more, assuring her that his pay had doubled and that he was going to buy her a new car. The delighted wife replied, “OMG, really?” The husband answered, “No, I just wanted to make sure you got my first message.

In a different tale, a man returned home to see his wife of 10 years packing her bags.

He questioned her whereabouts, bewildered. His wife confidently replied, “I’m going to Las Vegas! Some guys, I’ve discovered, will give me $500 in cash in exchange for the free services I do for you!

Startled by her revelation, the man thought for a while before deciding to pack his own things. When his wife questioned him about his actions, he said, “I’m going to Las Vegas with you.

On $1,000 a year, how are you going to make ends meet? I’m interested! His amusing response left his wife stunned.

Another time, an old lady was patiently waiting for a spot in a crowded parking lot. But just as she was looking at it, a young man in a brand-new red Mercedes raced by her and stopped up at the spot.

Angrily, the elderly woman walked up to the man and exclaimed, “I was going to park there!” The man said, “That’s what you can do when you’re young and bright,” with a haughty manner. The old woman giggled at her astute comment that highlighted the generational divide.

These amusing tales are a useful reminder that in ordinary circumstances, possessing a keen sense of humor and quick thinking may lead to unexpected outcomes.

So embrace your wit and let it make you laugh and lighten up in talks!

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