They must have looked closer when taking the picture.

Since there were cameras accessible, kids have been taking pictures of themselves before school. While they might snap photos annually, occasionally they mark major occasions like the start of the school year.

This image was captured in Auburn, Alabama by Brooke Mills, a seventh-grader. They decided it would be great to snap a photo of her in front of the tree in the yard as she was just starting her school year.

ShaneJoy Mills, the mother, was doing what she does often—taking a picture of her daughter. It signaled the conclusion of summer and the start of a brand-new academic year.

Some of the photos are shot in the same spot each year, including the ones that resembled this middle school photo. It allows them to observe their own growth as they go from year to year.

But something that wasn’t visible when they originally arrived at the site was discovered after this photo was shot. When they examined the photo closely, they saw an oddity.

Maybe it escaped your notice the first time you saw the image. The teenager truly steals the stage, even though she is grinning nicely for the photo.

But if you look closely enough, you can see that the snake behind them is perched on the tree.

It’s scary, the mother said. She requested her kid to reveal her teeth in the second of the two photos that she took. It was then that she noticed the snake atop the tree.

She thought they were still taking pictures, so when she called her daughter over, she was perplexed. Despite her best efforts to remain composed, she had to insist that she leave the tree.

The snake almost disappeared into the tree behind them. Though it was hardly visible, social media commenters have stated that it is probably a rat snake.

They may recall the picture for a different reason, but it will still be one day.

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