This Is What Happens If You See A Blue Line Painted On The Street

Drivers are aware of the need to pay attention to road markers.

Ignoring these indications can be deadly because doing so carries a high risk.

Residents in some areas of the United States may notice the installation of a new road marker in the coming weeks: a thin blue line positioned between the two yellow center lines.

It turns out that by painting this blue line on their highways, Marylanders are paying tribute to the courageous police officers who protect their towns!

This is an additional safety measure because the line leads directly to the police station.

However, it is also a considerate act to recognize the sacrifices made by law enforcement personnel who put their lives in danger every day.

Since he recognizes the value of these police officers to his lovely beach community, Mayor Rick Sheehan is pleased that Ocean City, Maryland, has recently placed these blue lines to its highways.

These cops are supposed to keep the peace between the old retirees who live there and the rowdy teens who come here for parties.

The line has been built between the yellow traffic divider lines that currently divide Ocean City’s 65th Street. It leads directly to the headquarters of the Ocean City Police Department.

We can only hope that additional towns throughout the nation decide to paint blue lines after learning about this!

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