This polite but unfortunate homeless man was roaming the streets of New York when he was stopped by a cop.

It must be terrible to not have a roof over your head and to have to spend your days outside in the summer heat and the winter cold. Regretfully, there is a great deal of homeless persons in the United States. These people’s circumstances stem from a variety of factors, but one thing is for sure—they are not fortunate and did not choose to live that way.

Bobby, a homeless guy, was circling the streets of New York, doubting the decisions he had made in life and having trouble finding somewhere to stay. He went about his daily business in this manner, little realizing that this day would be slightly improved by an unexpected encounter.

Specifically, Officer Aaron Page saw Bobby walking up and down and struck up a brief conversation with him.

Page took matters into his own hands after seeing that Bobby wanted to get a job but was unable to do so due to his appearance and attire.

Along with a couple of his departmental colleagues, they gave Bobby a new haircut. Bobby received a hot shower and also shaved off his beard. In addition, he received a large wardrobe to assist him look presentable when looking for work.

Bobby’s metamorphosis took many by surprise. This man couldn’t contain his happiness as he expressed his sincere gratitude.

We are incredibly grateful that there are still individuals like Officer Page in the world who work to improve it.

Regarding Bobby, our hopes and prayers are that he gets a job and rebuilds his life.

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