This woman had a perfectly normal and healthy pregnancy until she was told she was going to have a baby with malformations.

Olesia was thrilled to learn she was pregnant, just like any other woman who desires a child, and she was eager to begin the process of giving birth. This kind of news is the best possible news for a lady hoping to become a mother.

Olesia exercised all of the controls she was required to during her pregnancy. Everything appeared to be perfectly normal up until the doctors informed her during one of the ultrasounds that her unborn child would be deformed. The baby’s organs were swollen, the doctors informed her, and the hands were not growing. Although the news surprised the parents, they had always wanted the baby and had never considered giving him up.

The expecting woman was met with directness from the physicians, who advised her to accept that caring for the kid will need her entire life and may be too much for her to handle.

The woman further recalls that she was advised to consider her options carefully because having a disabled child will alter her life indefinitely because she will be responsible for the child’s care, and the child may experience various types of pain and require ongoing medication.

The baby’s parents, Olesia and Eugen, made an effort not to respond to any of the questions, saying only that their child would be born and that they would make every effort to provide for him. The doctor informed them that they might choose to live their whole lives in this manner, and he also provided them a document including the ultrasound findings as documentation that the parents were informed of the child’s health issues, preventing future complaints.

Though they moved on and the months went by, the parents continued to worry about their child’s behavior.

Eugen decided to kill time by doing something productive to avoid giving the doctor’s words too much thought, particularly since he didn’t want to worry his wife anymore. Eugen began setting up the kid’s room in anticipation of their arrival back from the hospital with the newborn.

When the baby indicated in December that he was ready for delivery, the soon-to-be parents eagerly and emotionally made their way to the hospital to see their little one.

Olesia gave birth to a girl after three hours, and her hands were entire. The physician proceeded to tell Eugen that his new daughter had arrived and was in perfect condition. When Eugen heard the term “healthy,” he became trapped.

The infant, Nadejda, was perfectly healthy, but Olesia had a large uterine fibroid that required medical attention.

This syndrome led to ultrasonography anomalies. Olesia underwent emergency surgery, and regrettably, her female organs had to be removed. But these problems didn’t matter anymore; their gorgeous baby had just been born.

The two parents are overjoyed that they chose well.

This is a photo of young Nadejda.

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