Urgent Call for Prayers – Ed Sheeran Faces Inoperable Tumour And Describes Urgent Situation

An early peek of Ed Sheeran’s life documentary reveals the touching scene in which he sobs while talking about his wife Cherry Seaborn’s medical issues.

The musician said on Instagram earlier this month that Seaborn, to whom he has been married since 2019, was given a tumor diagnosis during their second child’s pregnancy last year.

Tragically, Jamal Edwards, the singer’s best friend, died within the same month.

Sheeran talks about how these trying personal experiences altered the direction of his new Disney + docuseries The Sum of It All in the teaser.

“My best friend Jamal suddenly passed away, and Cherry’s health was really bad,” he says. “You guys asked whether anyone would like to produce a documentary. “Yeah, I should be in the studio and we’ll play the gig,” I said. “The documentary is not that.” The vocalist of “Shape of You” is then seen crying as the camera pans to him in a vehicle.

Numerous individuals have shown their support in the hundreds of comments left on the YouTube trailer. One person wrote: “This documentary series just proves that even when fans think he’s a super figure… he’s just a human with ups and downs just like the rest of us.”

“What a wonderful couple Ed and Cherry are!”

“I’m so excited for this, he deserves every bit of success and good things in his life,” another person said.

“His passion for music and self-expression is evident at all times, and it has never wavered.”

A third said, “Real life comes to all of us, no matter where we’re at.” “I hope everything is going well for you, Cherry, and the girls.”

An “unlikely child with a stutter rose to fame to become one of the biggest global music superstars” is the subject of the upcoming documentary, which also happens to be the release date of Sheeran’s sixth studio album, “Subtract.”

According to the official synopsis: “As he examines the universal themes that drive his songs, worldwide superstar Ed Sheeran opens the doors to a definitive and searingly honest insight into his private life for the first time.

“This series chronicles Ed’s struggles and victories during the most trying time in his life after he receives news that changes his life.”

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