Waitress explains why she loses money if you leave a bad tip.

Even though a wide range of topics are occasionally discussed, tipping appears to be the one that makes headlines the most. This is because when things don’t go according to plan, waiters and waitresses will take to the internet to vent.

The tipping system has generated a great deal of criticism in the US. This is true for those who frequently eat at restaurants as well as for those who serve meals in other nations and receive different treatment.

For instance, servers are only paid a living wage in Australia and England, so tips are bonuses that are only provided for really good service. However, in most circumstances, your pay in the United States is less than the minimum wage, and you rely on tips to make up the difference.

This waitress enters the picture at that point. She explained the US tipping system on TikTok, garnering a lot of attention in the process.

Tennessee waitress Savannah posted on TikTok about how receiving a low tip at a table would ultimately cost her money. Many were frustrated by this, therefore she continued to elaborate on her working circumstances.

“I have to pay the host, bartenders, kitchen staff, additional assistance workers, food runners, and other people in the restaurant who help make the restaurant happen six percent of my gross sales,” the woman stated.

Why don’t they get paid by the restaurant? Why don’t restaurants compensate all of their employees fairly? I’m not sure how to respond to it.

She promised to give the other restaurant employees $6 if she brought $100 worth of merchandise to the table. “Well hopefully I get a $20 tip on that $100 bill, which is 20 percent,” she said. “But in reality, I would only make $14 because the remaining $6 goes toward the rest of the team.”

“If I served a table and the customer left me a $100 check, they would not even leave me a tip. In order to pay the other employees of the restaurant, I have to take money out of my own pocket, whether it be money I made that day or money I still need to make.


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