What’s missing from this picture?

You think of yourself as a little Sherlock Holmes, then? Now get ready because we have a brainteaser that is leaving folks perplexed left and right! Most people are baffled by this seemingly easy challenge. If you accept it, your task is to identify what’s missing from the image below.

Do you get it? Continue reading if you’re feeling confident. If not, you may try slightly squinting at it—it always helps.

What Makes Brain Teaser Important?

Now that you’ve bent your head back there, let’s discuss why these kinds of puzzles are more than simply online filler. As we age, maintaining the healthiest possible brain is essential. A healthy diet is undoubtedly important, but brainteasers are like working out at the gym for your head. They’re also a lot more enjoyable than kale.

Our website is full with puzzles for all skill levels, so whether you’re an adult with an inquisitive mind or a schoolchild, it’s sure to please. Have grandchildren? These puzzles are ideal for strengthening the bonds between grandparents and their grandchildren. Or perhaps you’re an adult balancing life and work? During your coffee break, challenge yourself to a brief problem and watch your brain cells grow. And don’t worry, you’ll know whether you’ve struck the mark since we’ve got the answers waiting for you.


Have you figured it out? Sherlock, you deserve praise if you succeed, as this case is all about chivalry. The pregnant woman and the elderly woman are both standing, as you can see. That which is absent is “chivalry.” And if you missed it, that’s okay too—you now know and can laugh at how long it took you.

Benefits of Riddles: Reach a Decision

So what’s the point of all this mental gymnastics? Like a mental multitool, riddles are. They put you to the test of your ability to reason and put knowledge together in an enjoyable and fulfilling way. Consider these brain vitamins: solving them improves your memory and problem-solving abilities. They also help you with visual-spatial reasoning. You may impress someone by sharing your extensive knowledge the next time they ask, “Why do riddles matter?”

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