When a dog refuses to leave the grave, a woman sneaks closer to discover the truth.

When people saw a picture of this dog digging a hole in front of a cemetery online, they assumed she was grieving for her deceased owner and wished to see her owner again.

However, reality proved to be rather different. The photograph was taken by Serbian photographer Vesna Mihajloski.

She walked up to the cemetery to find out why the dog had dug the hole and discovered an incredible treasure.

The dog had never attempted to dig up the burial, it was discovered. She dug the hole for a very other reason.

She has just given birth to four little puppies.

The mother dog was simply a street dog looking for a safe haven for her puppies; she was not mourning the loss of a deceased owner.

Because she was dizzy and bloated, Vesna offered her some food and water.

After earning the dog’s trust, Vesna welcomed the entire family home.

The puppies and their mother were finally safe and could leave the frigid temps of the cemetery behind.

After being allowed to nurse in peace and quiet, the puppies grew swiftly.

Vesna’s garden turned out to be the ideal place to play.

They were lavished with food and affection. Vesna took the family to the veterinarian to check on their health and have them fixed.

They wouldn’t be able to have any more puppies, keeping them from ending up on the street.

Look at how far they’ve come!

I sincerely hope that all four puppies find loving, forever homes and do not end up on the streets. What a gift that there are people who care about animals and want to help these street canines!

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