When a happy couple posts a picture of their 10th anniversary online, they immediately receive a flood of worried calls.

When Thomas and Sienna posted a picture to social media to mark their tenth wedding anniversary, chaos ensued. The picture featured a spooky visage that led to a series of events that confronted the joyful couple with a terrifying reality.

After hurriedly setting the camera timer, Thomas said, “Ten years,” and he joined Sienna in front of the hearth.

“Ten years of us,” Sienna retorted.

Sienna believed she heard a quiet sound in the corridor behind her as the camera’s timer ticked down. Her gaze wavered, but she swiftly brushed it aside and returned her attention to their anniversary photo—another snapshot that documented their life.

There was more than plenty strewn about and decorated on the walls of their house.

Thomas suddenly sighed, feeling melancholy. “I recall the first time we moved in here. With lines starting to show in the corners of his eyes, he remarked, “We slept on the floor for two nights.”

“And now, every nook and cranny holds a piece of our story,” Sienna continued. Additionally, we get to share these works on social media with other people. After laughing, she turned on her phone and put it aside so she could enjoy the remainder of the evening.

The sun had woken her up in the morning, but when Sienna opened her eyes, she saw that there was more agitating their tranquility.

Thomas remarked, his voice heavy with sleep, “Check that, hon.” “It has been pinging for a long time.”

With her eyes half closed, Sienna grabbed for her nightstand and held the phone up to her face. There were just too many social media alerts. She got comfy on the bed by rising a little to inspect them.

She frowned and continued, “People are saying there’s something weird in our photo.” “I’ve also missed a few calls.”

Thomas shifted in order to look at her phone. Strange? similar to what?

Sienna’s face furrowed as she read several remarks. “They claim to see a weird visage in the backdrop. But it is impossible, right?”

He groaned, taking out his phone and scrutinizing the photo. “Probably just shadows, or something. “Do not let it bother you.” He shook his head and returned her phone, then got out of bed for the day. But Sienna kept reading.

One remark featured a snapshot of a frightening little face near her shoulder in their photo. “Thomas… “What the hell is that?” She muttered in fear, her finger caressing the screen.

Thomas, who had been cleaning his teeth by then, returned and looked over. “It’s gotta be a prank.”

But Sienna was horrified, recalling the roar she heard as the camera shot the photograph. So she searched her phone until she located the original photo in the gallery app.

“It’s not a glitch. It’s too defined and too genuine. “Look at its expression,” she said, her eyes wide and crazy.

Thomas was unconvinced, but Sienna refused to give up. She looked through the photos. “Look. “In every photo, there’s this strange, hazy presence,” she said. “I believe it may be a ghost. Perhaps our house is haunted.

“We have lived here for a decade. “We would’ve noticed,” he mocked, but the sound was distorted. Sienna could see he was perplexed, if not fully concerned.

As they pondered the strange find, Sienna walked to the location where the camera had been and began photographing, looking for a logical explanation. However, the experiment was stopped short when she screamed in terror as hands tightened around her shoulders.

“Relax, my dear. It’s me,” her spouse responded, chuckling slightly. “Forget about the photo. We have lunch appointments, remember?

Sienna agreed and prepared, but took a cautious check about the home before leaving. She stared closely about as Thomas opened the car door for her and then moved to the driver’s seat.

A movement caused her to gaze toward the window. The same strange visage came, causing her to shriek. “Stop the car!” she said, pointing at the home. Thomas squinted and couldn’t see anything. It was gone, but Sienna was certain of what she had seen.

That night, Sienna was startled awake by a sorrowful scream and footsteps in their house. “Wake up, darling.” “Do you hear that?” She muttered, hearing weeping in the hallway.

Thomas awoke and heard the noise, too. He promptly snatched the phone.

“We can’t call 911 for a ghost!” Sienna objected, but he persisted on protecting them from a genuine threat. After concluding the conversation, he grabbed his rifle and proceeded to investigate.

Sienna refused to stay behind and declared, “I’m going with you!”

They approached the unusual sounds in their home with caution. Thomas examined the guest bedroom, but footsteps reverberated below. They took each step cautiously, hearing more noise—another language—from the kitchen.

Sienna startled and yelped again after realizing the truth about their house invader. This was not a ghost. Instead, they encountered the unnerving presence of an emaciated youngster – the identical one in their photograph. He was weeping, his thin, emaciated face covered with snot and tears.

“Freeze!” Thomas yelled, but the youngster wailed and shook his head. Her spouse looked at the intruder and dropped his arm, recognizing there was no threat. “Hey there, it’s OK. “We will not hurt you.”

“Help?” The child’s eyes expanded with hope.

Despite her beating heart, Sienna’s dread gave way to pity at his appeals. “You’re hungry, right?” she inquired, smiling sweetly.

“Hungry, yes.” The youngster nodded.

“What’s your name?”


As Sienna made a lunch for Nikolai, the pair understood the child did not want to break in. He needed serious assistance. “Where did you come from?” she inquired gently.

Nikolai remained mute, admitting that he had fled from a “bad place.”

“Where’s your mother now?” She probed.

That brightened him up a little. “You will help Mama?” he inquired, sniffing.

Sienna stammered for a second before nodding, “Of course we will, sweetheart.” Just tell us how to find her.”

“I see a bear on the wall and flowers in the yard, which seem like the sky. “I ran to the wire wall, but the big dog was there,” Nikolai wept again. “I’m a lousy son. I ran, leaving Mama alone.

A knock interrupted them. The cops responded to Thomas’s previous call. Nikolai panicked and attempted to flee via a window, despite Sienna’s words, “It’s okay, it’s the police.” “They’ll help us find your mother!”

But the terrified child fled, evading both Sienna and the cops. The next day, she and Thomas took the initiative to look for Nikolai themselves. They spread his photo across the area, eliciting diverse comments but yielding no firm leads.

Nancy, one of their nosy neighbors, spotted the ‘ghost’ in their anniversary photograph. She joined the hunt, and others gradually followed.

Sienna eventually knocked on the door of a decrepit Victorian mansion. No answer. She startled when she heard barking close. It was emerging from behind a metal fence. “Wire wall,” she said quietly, glancing around and observing the chicory blossoms as Nikolai’s words came to her.

Investigating deeper, she discovered a boarded window and overheard a lady pleading for aid from inside. In a flash, she had her phone in hand, ready to contact the cops. She then called Thomas. When he arrived, more neighbors gathered.

The authorities arrived and burst into the house, discovering Nikolai’s mother, who sobbed gratefully and told her story. “I am Asya. I came here with my kid to start a new life. Marry dude, but he’s a monster! “He imprisoned me,” she stated in shaky English.

Nikolai was located in the cellar and swiftly reunited with his mother. A police officer commended Sienna for her assistance in the rescue. “Thank you, Ma’am, for alerting us to this circumstance. Your prompt reaction assisted these folks.”

“How about the man who did this?” Sienna questioned as she wrapped her arms around herself.

The officer informed her, “We’ve already dispatched officers to arrest him at his workplace.” Nikolai and Asya will be moved to a secure location. It appears that she arrived here from Russia as a mail-order bride. The validity of her immigration status is uncertain at this time, but we will guarantee they receive the assistance they require.”

Nikolai spotted them and came over. He said, “Thank you.” Mama and Nikolai are secure now.” He returned to his mother, waving. A caring social worker brought them to a shelter.

Thomas and Sienna eventually returned to their house. They slumped back on the couch, groaning in dismay that their image had caused all of this. Thomas snapped his fingers as if he recalled something, and Sienna tilted her head, watching him reach for his suitcase.

“I believe the most recent picture for the mantle deserves an extra place,” he said, holding up a framed print of the now-infamous picture the couple had shared on social media.

“It’s the best of the bunch,” Sienna said, and they both laughed.

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