When the waiter presented her bill, the sad old lady burst into tears.

An elderly woman came to OP’s restaurant. Due to a lack of seats, she had to wait nearly an hour to speak with her child. After her child never showed up, the mother sobbed when she saw the cost.

When the manager and another waiter discussed it, the OP became concerned. Son had to pay, but he canceled or never showed up. Her supervisor was kind and relieved of her dining expenses.

Regarding the state of her son, she left a voicemail. Nevertheless, the woman expressed regret and pledged to cover her meal costs tomorrow.

Some social media users believed the woman had lied to get free food after the first post. She was right, and many others agreed, that a con man would not wait 45 minutes for calm. We contrasted elderly people with dementia patients.

According to the OP, the woman claimed to have early-stage dementia and had forgotten about the lunch date when she came to pay her bill. A few said that after reading the story, they would give their mothers a call. The restaurant staff was considerate of an elderly customer’s difficult circumstances.

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