The mother of the soon-to-be bride asked to put on the bridal gown when she bought it, but the woman declined. When she got home from work one day, her fiancé was acting strangely and was attempting to keep her from going into her bedroom.

Many ladies spend a great deal of time meticulously organizing their wedding because they view it as one of the most significant days of their lives. They see themselves wearing a stunning white gown and making their way down the aisle to the altar, where their true love is waiting for them.

On their wedding day, brides like being the focus of attention. They can never conceive of letting someone else put on their wedding dress or sharing the spotlight with anyone. The woman in today’s story felt the same way, but her prospective mother-in-law was unable to comprehend her position.

A Reddit member going by the handle “Repulsive_Scheme1359” asked a question after having an odd encounter at home. She stated she was getting ready for her wedding with her fiancé before questioning other people if she had made the correct decision.

The prospective bride purchased her wedding gown a few weeks before penning the article. She spent $3,000 on the dress, not realizing she wouldn’t be the first to wear it, since, like other women, she wanted to appear stunning on her special day.

The woman’s fiancé’s mother mentioned that she greatly liked wedding dresses and wanted to put the dress on shortly after the woman bought it. Her prospective mother-in-law persisted in “pestering” the woman after she declined, even offering to pay $100 to try on the dress.

When the woman got home from work one day, she was shocked to discover her fiancé there. The lady remembered, “He freaked out after seeing me and tried to stop me from going into my room while trying to text somebody on his phone.”

Sensing something was off with his behavior, she went into her bedroom to see her future mother-in-law there. The woman was taken aback to see that his fiancé’s mother was donning her brand-new bridal gown!

What Was the Future Bride’s Reaction?

The Redditor claimed, “I pulled out my phone and took a photo of her instantly.” She was astounded by the audacity of her prospective mother-in-law and threatened to reveal the picture to the entire family if she wasn’t paid for a new outfit.

Her fiancé believed she was overreacting, so the Redditor gave her three days to pay for a new wedding dress. At that moment, the mother-in-law sobbed and left the room, followed by her son, who started yelling at his fiancée, accusing her of hurting her and only wanting to put on the dress. The user commented on Reddit:

“But I didn’t listen to him because I thought the dress was something the bride and the bride alone should wear.”

The woman said she was “disgusted” by her bridal gown and that she no longer wanted to wear it. Her fiancé, on the other hand, felt that she was treating his mother like an enemy, leading to a heated confrontation between them.

The woman took offense when her fiancé’s mother wore the garment without a second thought, despite her ” working hard” to get it. The woman’s family, however, thought she overreacted and worried the argument would destroy her bond with her fiancé and his mother.

What Was Her Fiancé’s Proposed Solution?

The woman’s fiancé soon contacted her to provide a fix for the issue. He requested the woman to apologize to his mother in addition to offering to pay for the outfit. In addition, he asked her to give him her phone so he could remove the photo of his mother.

The woman revealed that he also requested that she “swear” that she had no other copies of the picture that she could provide to her relatives. She continued, saying:

“He requested that I stop using Facebook for at least a month and leave his family group chat.”

The woman claimed that the major reason she wasn’t sure whether to accept her fiancé’s demands was because she didn’t want him to cover the cost of the dress. Since his mother was the one who wore it, she wanted her to foot the bill.

Do you believe the woman made the correct decision? Should she settle the argument and accept her fiancé’s demands? Should she ask his mom to cover the cost of the outfit instead? Post your ideas in the comments area.

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