Women share what they should be allowed to do without being judged

We are continually told, “Women should do this,” or “Women shouldn’t do that.” As a result, a man resorted to the Internet, asking everyone to expose what women should be able to do without being criticized by society. And we now have the answers.

Fart, I dated a girl who farted in front of me once and began weeping because “it’s so gross.”

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  • Age. butkusny / Reddit
  • My wife is nine years my senior. We’ve been dating for ten years. She’s starting to grow grey hair, which I think is lovely. She’s a wonderful woman. EliteEight / Reddit
  • Wear attire that you are at ease in. I’m a man who prefers comfort above fashion, therefore I usually wear a basic T-shirt, track trousers or jeans and a pair of trainers. You can practically wear it anyplace and look nice, but from what I’ve seen from significant others or relatives and friends, being comfortable and trendy as a woman is a little more difficult.
  • Male dressy shoes are far more comfy than any heel or pump. People, this is the world we live in. PsyFi_ZA· / Reddit
  • Ask for a pad or tampon. UwUnity_ / Reddit
  • Take a walk outside in the middle of the night or at any time of day. They are not assaulted and can wear anything they wish. the_jupiterka / Reddit
  • Adjust bras in public. ToCoolforAUsername / Reddit
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