Wonderful Spouse!!

One morning, a spouse finds a note from her partner on the refrigerator.

My beloved partner,

You will understand, no doubt, that I have certain needs that you, at fifty-seven, will never be able to satisfy. You have my undying satisfaction and respect as a respectable spouse. Therefore, after reading this letter, I hope you won’t incorrectly interpret how I plan to spend the night at the Solace Motel Inn with my 19-year-old secretary.

Please don’t bother me; I’ll be back home before noon. When the man returned home late that night, he discovered the message that went with it on the dining table.

My beloved partner,

I appreciate your sincerity in stating that I am 57 years old, and I have accepted your message. I would want to use this opportunity to inform you that you are also 57 years old.

As you are probably aware, I work at our local school as a math teacher. I should probably let you know that when you are reading this, my assistant and associate tennis trainer, Michael, and I will be at the Inn Holiday. Like your secretary, he is youthfully virile and 19 years old.

As a savvy money manager with exceptional mathematical knowledge, you will see that we are both going through the same thing, even though, in a small difference, 19 enters 57 more times than 57 enters 19. I won’t be coming home until maybe tomorrow as a result.

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